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​Valentine’s surprise for great work of ng homes staff

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​Valentine’s surprise for great work of ng homes staff

Some of the ng homes staff were in for a Valetine’s surprise when they got into work a few weeks ago.

The Springburn Team were met with a large bouquet of flowers, a range of other gifts and a heartfelt card from a grateful tenant.

Mr. Kang has only been a tenant with ng homes since October last year. The staff were of course heavily involved in securing him the tenancy, from taking the initial application to viewing and eventually signing for the flat.

The staff were also very determined to help out with any issues relating to Mr. Kang starting the tenancy.

It was a very nice touch to send the Springburn Team this Valentines surprise as a thank you. It went down a treat with the team too!

“We were all delighted with this lovely surprise and appreciation,” said Housing Officer Amanda Milne. “It’s great that Mr. Kang chose to express this by way of a lovely gift.

“We don’t really think about it because it’s our job but it’s great to have a little recognition for the work we do.”

The Association put a huge emphasis on Customer Service and this is another example of staff going above and beyond to support a tenant. Mr. Kang was so delighted with the service he surprised the team with a special thank you.

The Association retained the Customer Service Excellence award after a recent three year review of the Customer Service Excellence standard.

The CSE award considered various areas of the Association, looking at how we dealt with and handled customers in our day-to-day.

ng homes Chairperson John Thorburn said: “What a superb touch from Mr. Kang and it’s great to see that our customer service has inspired the tenant to do this.

“We have always put a huge emphasis on Customer Service and we are delighted to see it having an impact in our communities.”

It’s testament to the amazing work of staff that we achieved the standard. And Mr. Kang’s Valentines Day surprise is just further evidence of the Association’s passionate approach to Customer Service.



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