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New PT100 expansion module for temperature measurement for Radioline Wireless Systems

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New PT100 expansion module for temperature measurement for Radioline Wireless Systems

Phoenix Contact’s new PT100 expansion module facilitates transmission of up to four PT100 signals within the Radioline wireless system. The RAD-PT100-4-IFS can measure temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +250 °C. Temperature measurement is an important function in many systems found in the processing industry, water/wastewater industry, metal engineering industry, as well as in solar, wind, and biogas power plants.

The PT100 sensors can be connected to the inputs using two- or three-wire connections. Thanks to high EMC resistance, the resulting accuracy is ±0.1% of the measuring range final value. The modules feature high-quality galvanized channel-to-channel isolation and can be easily replaced during live operation.

Phoenix Contact’s Radioline wireless system is designed for communication with remote participants in large facilities. One unique feature is I/O mapping, which allows signals to be distributed within the system easily and without software. Input signals receive I/O MAP addresses by means of thumb wheels, and these addresses are then mapped to the corresponding output modules. Because identical signals can be output multiple times, it is possible to implement intelligent distribution and signal multiplication schemes in the field.

The PT100 input signals can be mapped to the corresponding analogue RAD-AO4-IFS output module, or they can be directly transmitted wirelessly to the controller using the Modbus protocol. Every Radioline station can be modularly expanded by up to 32 modules. 



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