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SkiStar Åre: New hospitality training programme for SkiStar Åre’s employees

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SkiStar Åre: New hospitality training programme for SkiStar Åre’s employees

Åre is aiming to improve the hospitality perceived by the guests through the addition of a new, updated training programme. Actor Peter Magnusson is acting cicerone, taking the members of staff through a digital training programme based on SkiStar’s core values – Personal, Positive, Proficient and Professional. The programme shall result in the guests feeling even more welcome and new employees being comfortable in their role from the start.

This year, SkiStar Åre has redefined the hospitality training programme that each new member of staff has to complete before the season. The programme is one way to ensure the proficiency of the personnel within hospitality and service and also to provide a common platform of values.

-  It is so important to convey a sense of joy and devotion towards the job in Åre. When the actual learning is fun, more facts will stick with the result of joyful and more comfortable members of staff. This will be reflected in happier and more satisfied guests, says Niclas Sjögren Berg, Head of Destination SkiStar Åre.

The hospitality training programme has been developed in partnership with local company Xpectum. The content is based on hospitality, knowledge of the resort, history, target group analysis of the guests together with SkiStar Åre’s core values – the four Ps – Personal, Proficient, Positive and Professional. The guests’ most frequent questions to the personnel have been listed and the results of the recurrent guest surveys evaluated in depth.

The employees will be using a digital coaching model to continue their hospitality training together with their superiors. SkiStar has also added a mobile telephone solution where the members of staff are reminded of what they have learned during the training sessions in the season.

The personnel are led through moving media, digital information and interactive sections by acclaimed actor Peter Magnusson in the role of the cicerone:

-  I love this idea and I am delighted at being able to contribute towards further improving the visit of the guests to Åre, says Peter Magnusson.




About SkiStar:
The SkiStar AB (publ) B shares are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Mid Cap Stockholm; the group owns and operates the ski resorts at the alpine skiing destinations Sälen, Åre and Vemdalen in Sweden together with Hemsedal and Trysil in Norway. The market share in Sweden amounts to 50%, in Norway 29% and overall in Scandinavia 41%. The group’s core business is alpine skiing with the guests’ experience in focus. The list of other activities includes accommodation agency, ski schools and ski rentals.


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