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Epic Space Adventure The Last Cyclade Released for Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG

Far above in the darkness of space, a lone ship waits to enter the portal. Its crew stands ready to complete their mission: to reach the ghost ship Zafira and be the first to unveil the truth behind one of the horizon's most ominous mysteries...

The epic space adventure The Last Cyclade released today by Free League Publishing for the award-winning tabletop roleplaying game Coriolis – The Third Horizon

The Last Cyclade is the second part of the campaign Mercy of the Icons and is a 240-page hardcover book that includes two new full-length adventures: The Uharan Echo and In the Shadow of the Zenith. The book also includes four new adventure locations, Mission generator tables to create your own adventures and in-depth background information for the Gamemaster.
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New to the game?Check out the free Coriolis: The Third Horizon Quickstart PDF that offers a glimpse of the game world and introduces the basic game rules and the tutorial one-shot adventure Dark Flowers.


[Awarded the ENnies Judges’ Spotlight]

The roleplaying game Coriolis – The Third Horizon blends hard science fiction and mysticism. Crew a spaceship and travel to the space station Coriolis set in a remote cluster of star systems. Explore the ancient ruins of the Portal Builders, undertake missions for the powerful factions and partake in the game of political intrigue. 

Whatever your calling is, together you will make your own fate. In the end you might even discover the truth about the mysterious Emissaries and the threat of the Dark Between the Stars.

"Coriolis – The Third Horizon certainly is Arabian Nights in Space and so much more. This is a game of discovery, political intrigue, and cultural differences. The system is easy to learn, accessible and fast-flowing" – The Yawning Portal

Coriolis – The Third Horizon game page

Coriolis – Emissary Lost Trailer

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Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher dedicated to speculative fiction. We have published a range of award-winning tabletop role-playing games and critically acclaimed art books set in strange and wondrous worlds.

Our game portfolio include the official ALIEN The Roleplaying Game (Gold ENNIE for Best Game 2020), the Nordic horror roleplaying game Vaesen, the pitch-black apocalyptic fantasy RPG Mörk Borg, the alternate '90s Things from the Flood, the alternate '80s Tales from the Loop (winner of five ENNIE Awards 2017, including Best Game), the sandbox retro fantasy Forbidden Lands (winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019), the postapocalyptic Mutant: Year Zero (Silver ENNIE for Best Rules 2015), the space opera Coriolis - The Third Horizon (Judge's Spotlight Award 2017) and the dark fantasy game Symbaroum.

We have also published the art books Tales from the Loop, Things from the Flood and The Electric State by internationally acclaimed visual artist Simon Stålenhag, as well as the illustrated edition of the Lovecraft classic The Call of Cthulhu by the praised French artist François Baranger.



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