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The SC-1, jointly developed with Sony
The SC-1, jointly developed with Sony

Press release -

Yamaha Motor Partners with Sony to Develop SC-1 Sociable Cart - Delivering New Low-Speed Mobility Experience Value -

IWATA, August 21, 2019 - Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo:7272) announced today that it has developed the SC-1 Sociable Cart, a vehicle that delivers a new low-speed mobility experience, jointly with Sony Corporation. The SC-1 brings together a fusion of Yamaha Motor’s autonomous driving technology and Sony's entertainment imaging technology. The two companies plan to launch Japanese domestic services using this model in fiscal 2019. The SC-1 was developed solely for the purpose of providing a new mobility experience, and will not be made available for sale.

As well as images of the surroundings captured by cameras, the SC-1 can project a range of video and mixed reality (MR)1 images which suit its current location onto the high-resolution displays installed on the vehicle interior and exterior. Doing so creates an entertainment space unmatched by any traditional vehicle, aiming to provide a more enjoyable low-speed mobility value to occupants and people nearby.

In addition, the SC-1 applies AI analysis to data about the vehicle's surroundings gathered by the advanced image sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and LiDAR2 system, enabling display of optimal travel assistance, as well as the ideal information (route guidance, store information, entertainment, news streaming, advertisements, etc.) to suit people’s attributes such as age and gender.

1: Imaging by mixed reality (MR) technology developed by Sony

2: Technology which uses lasers to detect the range and direction of objects by emitting laser light and measuring the time taken for it to bounce back

To date, Yamaha Motor has worked together with Sony on vehicle development through initiatives such as the prototype model based on electric golf cars (announced in 2016) and the New Concept Cart SC-1 concept model (announced in 2017), and pursued both technology development and evaluation of customer requirements via projects including the Moonlight Cruise limited-time night-time golf course ride experience service at Kanucha Resort (in Nago City, Okinawa).

This joint development forms part of “ART for Human Possibilities, Rethinking Solutions, Transforming Mobility,” one aspect of the Company's long-term vision. Yamaha Motor is engaged in providing enjoyable mobility and addressing social issues in the unique style of Yamaha through its diverse product groups such as electric golf cars, small and low speed PPMs (Public Personal Mobility: land cars), electric motorcycles, electrically power assisted bicycles, electric wheelchairs, and drones.


■ Key Specifications

Overall length x width x height: 3,135mm x 1,306mm x 1,830mm
Capacity: Five passengers
Speed: 0-19km/h
Installed monitors: Interior: 49" 4K LCD monitor Exterior: Four 55" 4K LCD monitors
Drive system: DC motor
Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Braking system: Hydraulic four-wheel disc brakes and motor regenerative braking
Suspension: Front double wishbone type and rear link type
Autonomous driving method: Electromagnetic induction


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Yamaha Motor (TOKYO:7272) is a world-leading producer of motorcycles, marine products, power products and robotics.

Yamaha Motor (TOKYO: 7272) is a world-leading enterprise manufacturing land-mobility such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and electrically power assisted bicycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, robotics products such as surface mounters and drones, as well as engagement in the finance business. The company's diverse businesses and wide variety of products are built around its proprietary technologies focused on powertrain, chassis and hull, electronic control, and manufacturing technologies. Yamaha Motor operates global development, production and sales networks through 140 subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates in 30 countries and regions, working to realize our Corporate Mission of being s "Kando* Creating Company."
About 90% of consolidated net sales are generated in more than 180 countries and regions outside of Japan.
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