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Nolde’s Powerful Colours at Auction

Press Releases   •   Nov 20, 2017 07:17 GMT

The flowers are bursting like fireworks in Emil Nolde’s dazzling flower painting ”Blühende Sommer”, which is estimated at DKK 1.2 million (€ 162,000) at the next international auction at Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen. With this watercolour and two other works by Nolde, we are proud to present a varied selection of his forceful world of colours, established at a time of great social upheaval.

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Iconic Isokon Furniture at Auction

Press Releases   •   Nov 15, 2017 07:10 GMT

Bruun Rasmussen's design auctions are best known for the furniture classics from the Scandinavian countries, but this time the auction house broaden the perspective and dives into international design history with a series of furniture pieces from Isokon by the distinguished Hungarian architect Marcel Breuer.

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The Final Enamels by Corbusier from Utzon’s Private Collection

Press Releases   •   Nov 14, 2017 09:49 GMT

The Swiss-born artist Le Corbusier collaborated with the Danish architect Jørn Utzon on the interior decoration of the Sydney Opera House. Now two of the artist's outstanding enamel paintings from the Utzon collection will come under the hammer at Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen on 5th December.

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Auction record: DKK 1.4 million for a Bundle of Chinese Banknotes

Press Releases   •   Nov 08, 2017 07:30 GMT

Auction history was achieved at Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen Tuesday afternoon when a bundle of Chinese notes from 1854 was sold for DKK 1.4 million (€ 245,000 including buyer’s premium). This is the highest hammer price ever achieved at a coin auction in Denmark.

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Rare Russian Icons and Easter Eggs at Auction

Press Releases   •   Oct 26, 2017 07:48 GMT

In the wake of the successful auction this summer, where Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers in Copenhagen sold Russian icons for millions of Danish Kroner, we now follow up with another magnificent auction with art and antiques from Tsarist Russia. The most spectacular of these auction lots will be exhibited at the Danish Embassy in London on 27 and 28 November in connection with the Russian Art Week.

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Eckersberg – A Pioneer of Perspective

Press Releases   •   Oct 25, 2017 08:00 GMT

At this year’s biggest international auction at Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen we among other items can present two completely unique works by the father of Danish painting C.W. Eckersberg (1783-1853), who is as popular as ever. Ahead of the auction, a number of selected works from the Danish Golden Age will be exhibited in London on 6-7 November.

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Colonel Norie's Asian Art Collection at Auction

Press Releases   •   Oct 23, 2017 07:30 GMT

At Bruun Rasmussen's upcoming Asian auction you can experience both the finest decorative art and get a taste of history as well. Some of the most spectacular lots on the auction will be exhibited in London during "Asian Art Week" (5-8 November) - including decorative art from the collection of the later Colonel and adjutant of George V of Britain, Evelyn Williams Medows Norie (1862-1915).

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Star-studded Rolex Estimated at DKK 1.5 Million

Press Releases   •   Oct 19, 2017 10:22 GMT

The most expensive Rolex watch in the history of Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers in Copenhagen will be up for auction on 30 November. The watch is a rare star-studded "Stilline" wristwatch from 1953, which is estimated at DKK 1.2-1.5 million. Included in the auction is also the world's most sought-after sports watch "Nautilus 3700" from Patek Philippe, which is estimated at DKK 350,000-400,000.

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Piero Manzoni up for Auction in Denmark

Press Releases   •   Oct 18, 2017 10:29 GMT

An extremely rare "Achrome" piece by Piero Manzoni from 1961 will be exhibited in London from 5-8 November and will be up for auction at Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen on 5 December 2017. The work was made during the artist's stay in Denmark and has not previously been for sale.

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Exceptionally Beautiful Coin Art up for Auction!

Press Releases   •   Oct 10, 2017 13:49 GMT

Two extremely rare and very beautiful Tetradrachms from Ancient Greece will come under the hammer at the autumn's large coin auction at Bruun Rasmussen in Copenhagen. This is truly exceptional coin art of a very high quality. The auction also offers a Chinese 50 Tael weighing almost 2 kilos as well as an English coronation set from 1937.

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About Bruun Rasmussen

Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers is one of Scandinavia’s leading international auction houses, and one of Denmark’s oldest. It all started on 6 October 1948, when Arne Bruun Rasmussen conducted the first traditional auction in the saleroom at Bredgade 33 in Copenhagen. Today, Jesper Bruun Rasmussen stands at the helm of the family-run business together with the third generation of the family, his son Frederik and daughter Alexa, and the company’s CEO Jakob Dupont.

In 2004, the first online auction was launched, and today the auction house has expanded to include departments in Copenhagen and Aarhus and representations in Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Thailand and the US. About 100,000 lots are put up for auction each year at the traditional auctions and daily online auctions. Here you can bid on everything from art, antiques, modern design and jewellery to books, coins, stamps, wine and weaponry.


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