Travelling this summer? This is our 10 best vacation tips

News   •   Jun 22, 2017 15:58 CEST

Summer is here, and we at EnterCard would like to give you our personal vacation tips. We asked our employees to give us their best tips, and here is the top 10 result.


Contactless payments – how does it work and is it secure?

News   •   Jun 22, 2017 13:02 CEST

The number of contactless terminals has expanded rapidly since the start of the year – from ca. 7% to 14% in just a few months. With increased numbers of contactless cards and terminals around the world, you may wonder how the payment works, and how secure it really is.


Did you know that EnterCard has 50 different partners across Scandinavia?

News   •   Jun 06, 2017 13:07 CEST


​EnterCard among the first partners for Samsung Pay in Sweden

Press Releases   •   Mar 09, 2017 11:01 CET

During 2017 EnterCard will launch the beta version of Samsung Pay to selected customers in Sweden. Simple, secure, and here. -We are excited to be among the first lenders in Scandinavia that can offer this to our customers, says Freddy Syversen, CEO of EnterCard Group.

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Citizenship report 2016

News   •   Feb 15, 2017 14:39 CET

The citizenship report is prepared for the period from January 1st, 2016 until December 31st, 2016.

EnterCard’s work on citizenship is principally striving to generate a positive impact on young people and this report presents information on EnterCard’s wide variety of activities and citizenship work done in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

It is structured by our commitments to our stakeholders and follows those pillars on which the company’s citizenship framework and EnterCard’s values are built. Please note that not all the activities done within citizenship are included in this report. This report covers EnterCard’s nonfinancial performance and impact related to the company’s regional citizenship work in calendar year 2016 across Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

See the report here http://www.entercard.com/Documents/Citizenship_2016_web.pdf

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Did you know that…

News   •   Jan 16, 2017 12:06 CET


EnterCard supports female analytical talent by hosting Nordic Queens

News   •   Nov 21, 2016 14:07 CET

On November 18th, EnterCard welcomed 22 young female chess talents from Sweden and Norway to the Stockholm office. The chess talents were greeted by EnterCard and spent the afternoon playing a simultaneous game against International Chess Grand Master Pia Cramling.


​EnterCard steps forward with digital analytics

News   •   Sep 13, 2016 09:56 CEST

On the 30th of August, the Digital Analytics Conference Nordic took place in Stockholm, and EnterCard was present. Together with Conversionista, Ted Solomon, Web Analyst from EnterCard’s Strategic Analytics team, presented a case where data-driven Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) was used to increase customer conversion rates on the re:member homepage.

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How EnterCard fights fraud

News   •   Jun 28, 2016 13:40 CEST

EnterCard is constantly working to improve security, also during vacation. We use the industry’s most advanced security system that monitors card transactions and sends an alert if there is suspicion of fraud. This is particularly useful in the summer months, when many of our customers use their cards more frequently and in different places than usual.

Tourists are prime targets for fraudsters. Therefore, it’s reassuring to know that at EnterCard, we do what we can to provide security and take care of our customers.

“At EnterCard, delivering a good customer experience is important,” explains Freddy Syversen, CEO at EnterCard. “We do what we can to fight fraud and scams. Our security experts work around the clock, which pays off as it ensures better security in the everyday life of our customers.”

Credit cards are a safe method of payment, but there is always a risk of fraudsters trying to obtain personal information such as credit card numbers and PIN-codes. There are different types of fraud, the most pertinent with regards to travel being skimming and fraudulent charges made on stolen credit cards.

What is skimming?

Skimming is when somebody copies the card as it is being used. To prevent this from happening, EnterCard encourages customers to prevent others from seeing their PIN-code, avoid letting retailers take the card out of sight, and take extra precautions when using the card’s magnetic stripe instead of the chip.

Fraudulent charges made on stolen credit cards are the other most common type of fraud while on vacation. To avoid this, we recommend our customers to treat the card as if it was a transferable security. Also, it’s important to keep the PIN-code secret at all times. Should the unfortunate situation occur, we ask our customers to contact us immediately to report the card lost or stolen.

Since implementing our new security system in 2013, a number of fraud attempts have been thwarted every day, but one particular case stands out. The system detected an unusual transaction on a customer’s card, and one of our security experts called to ask if he had the card on him. No, he answered, the card was in a locked cupboard at home and there was nobody there as they were on their way to their summer cottage. Our security expert told the customer that their home had most likely been broken into, as the card had just been used to withdraw money at an ATM. The customer turned around and drove home, just to find that there had indeed been a burglary. They had left the house at 10:30 and the first transaction was registered at 11:08, hence the burglary had happened just after they left.

The due care principle

We not only contact customers that have been victims to fraud. If we detect unusual transactions on the card, we get in touch to ensure that these are not fraudulent attempts. One customer on holiday in the US wanted to withdraw cash but found that most ATMs charged high usage fees. Eventually, he found an ATM that didn’t charge such a fee and took out 300 USD. He then realised that this was not enough and withdrew an additional 300 USD. Shortly after he received a phone call from EnterCard asking if he was in the US and if he had made two identical withdrawals from an ATM. The system had flagged the transactions as suspicious and we wanted to ensure that this was not a fraud attempt, something which was reassuring to the customer.

What does our security system do?

  • Monitors card transactions in real time to detect fraudulent activity
  • Automatically sends an SMS and an e-mail to customers if there is suspicion of fraud

EnterCard is constantly working to improve security, also during vacation. We use the industry’s most advanced security system that monitors card transactions and sends an alert if there is suspicion of fraud. This is particularly useful in the summer months, when many of our customers use their cards more frequently and in different places than usual.

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Welcome to our new web sites

News   •   Jun 22, 2016 12:54 CEST

We are happy to announce the launch of EnterCard’s new web site! The web site has been redesigned to improve user friendliness and to better serve our visitor’s needs.

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