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Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 18:36 GMT

NHST Media Group is changing the structure of the organization and the corporate management to support future growth Group’s plans. Svein Thore Gran will assume the position as head of the division Global Publications and Andreas Emblem will assume the position as head of the new division Direct Relations. There are only minor changes to the other business areas and staff functions.

Svein Thore Gran, 51 years, Master of Commerce/Business studies (Norwegian School of Economics), is the Group’s head of the former “Digital and Nordic” division, as well as the editor of He will assume the position as head of the Global Publications division. Svein Thore also remains responsible for the businesses Europower and Smartcom. For the past 23 years NHST Media Group has built its global publications and the division includes the publications TradeWinds, Upstream, Intrafish and Recharge, and their respective daughter companies. These global publications are the world’s leading publications within their respective business area, with combined revenue of almost MNOK 300 and approximately 250 employees. TradeWinds and Upstream are the oldest publications and now has operating margin above 10 %. Intrafish is maturing in a challenging market and has limited profitability. The latest global publication Recharge is still in the build-up phase. The Global publication’ largest hub’s are in Oslo, London, Singapore, Bergen and Houston – but have employees located in 25 different places around the world.

Andreas Emblem, 38 years, MPhil Economics (Oxford/LSE), is the Group’s current Head of Corporate Development. He will assume the position as head of the new division Direct Relations, which includes the companies MyNewsdesk AB and ddp direkt GmbH. Their modern PR and marketing services is the fastest growing business area within the NHST group, with combined revenues now exceeding MNOK 100 and over 120 employees. The change signals the strategic commitment to the further development of this business area internationally. MyNewsdesk is present in all the Nordic countries, Singapore and the UK, while ddp direct in few years has become one of the leading company within this market in Germany. Andreas Emblem will maintain Group level responsibilities for strategy.

The rest of the group management consist of Gunnar Bjørkavåg (Group CEO), Amund Djuve (Publisher of DN and Head of division DN, consisting of Dagens Næringsliv, DN Nye Medier and TDN finans), Thomas Fjeld (Managing Director, Nautisk Forlag), Hans Lysheim (Group CFO) and Synøve Lund (Group Head of HR).

NHST Media Group revenues were MNOK 1,200 in 2012, 2% higher than the previous year. Operating profits were MNOK 44 (MNOK 9 in 2011). The Group has a total of 720 employees.

Enclosed: NHST Organization structure as of 01.03.2013

Further questions can be directed to Group CEO Gunnar Bjørkavåg via mobile + 47 900 310 29 or email to

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