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The high-rise buildings of the cities can offer a sustainable solution to urban food production

Press release   •   Nov 16, 2011 16:29 UTC

WASHINGTON D.C. November 16, 2011 — Through their greenhouses, Plantagon has made industrial urban agriculture both attractive and feasible. Their unique helix-shaped greenhouse offers clean and sustainable food production in urban areas. Now a new generation of urban greenhouses is here, where the high-rise buildings of the cities can offer a sustainable solution to urban food production.

The idea of the Plantagon Greenhouse as a landmark and source of food for growing city populations has been developed further. In cooperation with Plantagon’s partner, Sweco, a new generation of greenhouses for urban agriculture has been designed. The growing area can be attached to existing high-rise building or built-in from the start in new commercial buildings such as offices and hotels.

”Urban Agriculture is exciting and challenging in many ways. The Plantagon Greenhouse has attracted a lot of attention all over the world and we believe that the new generation of greenhouses – combining a sustainable building with function and great design – will be even more attractive to cities,” says Eva Nygren, CEO Sweco Sweden AB.

”By also being able to offer commercial areas for academic institutions, hotels, enterprises and organizations, or even private homes, we are adding additional streams of revenue, besides the vegetable production. This definitely makes our greenhouse business model even more interesting,” says Hans Hassle, CEO of Plantagon.

The commercial area will be designed and constructed in an equally sustainable way as the greenhouse in terms of energy efficiency, materials and hi-tech solutions.

By expanding the greenhouse vertically, the crops produced through Plantagon’s patented technology, in relation to the land area used, will increase considerably permitting multiple harvests for the same growth period.

The new Plantagon Greenhouse Buildings will be presented for the first time at the Urban Agricultural Summit in Washington D.C. on November 16, 2011.

For additional information please contact:

Carin Balfe Arbman, Media Relations, +46 70 633 35 08,

Hans Hassle, CEO, Plantagon International AB, +46(0)709179400,


Plantagon - Feeding the city
The Plantagon Greenhouse dramatically change the way we produce ecological food. The Plantagon Greenhouse cut costs and environmental damage by eliminating transportation and delivering directly to consumers in city areas. Plantagon may be the first company where social responsibility, transparency and sharing are demonstrably valued at the same level as financial engagement and profit.

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