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FundedByMe and eAktiebok partnership aims to simplify process for crowdfunding entrepreneurs

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2015 10:12 CET

eAktiebok systemises and automates a large proportion of the administrative process of adding new share owners, reducing the company's need for specialist assistance and time spent on administrative tasks

“Our main aim is to simplify business for entrepreneurs. The administration involved in running a company can be cumbersome and ownership issues are an important part of the company's management, with clear legal requirements,” says Mikael Renck, CEO and founder of eAktiebok. 

“We take a complicated and intricate process, making it simple and paving the way for entrepreneurs who may otherwise feel ambivalent about taking new owners on through crowdfunding.”

In addition to the digital service, which matches the online crowdfunding platform offered by FundedByMe, eAktiebok offers a news service and a communication tool for companies to engage with their investors at a cost-effective rate.

“FundedByMe aims to increase trust and transparency and the eAktiebok service is a natural extension of this, building our eco system with even more good stuff for entrepreneurs,” says Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe.


FundedByMe is one of the only full-service crowdfunding platforms, offering capital through equity, loan and reward based crowdfunding. We have successfully funded some 500 companies from 25 countries. Our user base is a rapidly expanding network of more than 53 000 investors from over 74 countries around the world. We have local presence in countries around Europe and in Singapore, with headquarters in Sweden.

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About eAktiebok

eAktiebok provides a digital register of shareholders as well as custody account solution to unlisted companies and their owners. eAktiebok further acts as platform for the company's investor relations. The service is constantly developing with the aim of facilitating entrepreneurs and improve the capital market for unlisted companies. eAktiebok is part of C4G Sweden AB based in Malmö.

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