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Major donation to Uppsala University climate research

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 15, 2008 17:31 CEST

Uppsala University has been given funding to recruit a world leader in climate research as a visiting professor every other year for a total of ten years. The donation is from Zennström Philanthropies, headed by the entrepreneur Niklas Zennström.

Today, Monday, Niklas Zennström publicly announced at a seminar on climate and environmental technology at the Ångström Laboratory that he is donating SEK 15 million to Uppsala University to further strengthen climate research at the University.

"This is an extremely welcome boost to a truly important research field. Now it's our job to make the very best possible use of the gift," said Vice-Chancellor Anders Hallberg.

Niklas Zennström is an entrepreneur in the Internet, telecom, and media, but he is also extremely socially committed. Through the organization Zennström Philanthropies, which he founded together with his wife Catherine Zennström, Niklas Zennström wants, among other things, to contribute to climate research and elucidate the issue of ongoing climate change.

"To get a grip on climate change and find new solutions that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, we need more research and development. With our donation to Uppsala University, Zennström Philanthropies wishes to support an important area of research at a university that is close to our hearts, thereby contributing to a better future," says Niklas Zennström.

Following the announcement of the donation at today's Ångström Laboratory seminar, cutting-edge research was presented regarding climate, alternative energy sources, and environmental technology by Uppsala scientists.

Zennström Philanthropies is also donating funds for a grant to be made available to researchers and doctoral candidates in Textile Studies, in memory of Niklas Zennström's mother Else-Marie Zennström, who worked there.

Niklas Zennström has a dual degree in engineering physics and economics from Uppsala University.

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