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Winner of this year's Skytte Prize named

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 02, 2009 08:55 CEST

The American political scientist Philippe C. Schmitter has been awarded the 2009 Skytte Prize. He is receiving the award for his extensive and pioneering studies of the interplay between the state and special interest organizations in modern democracies.

The annual Skytte Prize, now being conferred for the fifteenth time, is one of the largest and most prestigious prizes in political science and is given to the researcher who, according to the Skytte Foundation, has made the most significant contribution to the subject.

"Philippe Schmitter has inspired generations of young political scientists in various parts of the world. His work in political science is extensive, spanning four decades," says Li Bennich Björkman, professor at the Department of Political Science at Uppsala University.

What is now being recognized is his work regarding the role of special interest groups and corporatism in modern democracies. How the democratization process unfolds, and the role of various actors. Li Bennich Björkman also highlights his research on regional integration, focusing on both Latin America and Western Europe.

"He has many well-known publications to his credit. Some of the best-known are the article ‘Still the Century of Corporatism?' in Review of Politics from 1974 and the comprehensive book Transitions from Authoritarian Rule, from 1986."

Philippe Schmitter, who is now a professor emeritus and professorial fellow at European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, was previously at the University of Chicago and Stanford University. His doctorate is from the University of California, Berkeley.

"Many people who have come into contact with Philippe Schmitter during his long active career as a political scientist testify to the interest, enthusiasm, and drive to shape tomorrow's generations of political science scholars that his versatility has generated," says Li Bennich Björkman.

The prize will be conferred at a ceremony on the last weekend in September 2009.

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