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Arla demonstrates its continued support for its farmer owners as new farmer-owned marque appears on the first of its milk tankers

News   •   Aug 17, 2015 10:06 BST

This week will see Arla’s new farmer-owned marque appear on the first of its milk tankers, part of the fleet which collects well over 3billion litres of milk per year from Arla's 3,000 British farmer owners.

  • Milk collection vehicles visit more than 3,000 Arla farms every day, collecting well over 3billion litres of milk a year for processing across its 11 UK dairies and creameries. 
  • The product marque will offer consumers the opportunity to easily identify and trust that when they buy Arla branded dairy products they are responsibly sourced from a farmer-owned business where all the profits go back to its owners, and has the highest expectations for animal welfare and environmental standards throughout its supply chain.