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Media Update 06 June 2019

News   •   Jun 06, 2019 10:00 BST

DJI AirSense, a Step Forward Securing the Skies

For years, DJI has been at the leading edge of innovation – especially when it comes to safety. Now we’re taking the next step – implementing ADS-B technology to enable drone pilots to detect and avoid traditional aircraft flying nearby. We call it DJI AirSense.

This technology sets a new drone industry standard for safety and reliability by giving pilots another tool to understand the skies around them, make good decisions, and fly safely. As of 1st January, 2020, DJI AirSense will become standard on all DJI drones weighing above 250 grams.

To find out more about DJI AirSense and our 10 points of how DJI, other drone manufacturers, and government officials around the world can maintain drones’ admirable safety record, take a look here.

#dronesforgood Interviewees Available

Humanitarian groups and non-governmental organisations are using drones to help people, animals and the environment. Scientists and academics are discovering new ways to study and improve our world with drones. Rescue organisations have saved hundreds of people from danger using drones.

In this ppt are twelve organisations that are using drone technology for the greater good; from cleaning up the world’s oceans to managing devastating forest fires.

If you would like to speak to any of these organisations or would like further information please contact

Your Osmo Action Questions Answered

The DJI Osmo Action really made a splash in the action camera market since its recent introduction.

Take a look at this video from DJI's European Product Manager, André Becker, which tackles user questions about DJI’s first action camera.

To interview André or if you have further questions contact    

DJI Manifold 2, the Supercomputer That Makes Hard Human Tasks Simpler

DJI has recently announced Manifold 2, an ultra-compact onboard supercomputer for DJI drones that enables the next-generation of autonomous aerial robotics solutions. With the additional compute capability of Manifold 2, users can now process complex image data onboard the drone and get results immediately. Furthermore, drones can also be programmed to fly autonomously while identifying objects and avoiding obstacles.

Bridge inspection, incident response, and mapping are just some of the use cases in which Manifold 2 can be deployed. Even though there have always been people working on these tasks, Manifold is now assisting by helping to make tasks quicker, safer and more efficient. A partnership between DJI, Automodality and Union Pacific is a clear example of how this new solution has revolutionised the way these tasks are done.

Share this video with your readers to show them exactly how companies are making use of the DJI Manifold 2 

Exploring Beautiful Oddities with a Hasselblad

Led by her curiosity of the strange and foreign, Canada-based photographer Chiara Zonca is drawn to natural scenes that illustrate the unexplored, lost, and otherworldly. Staying away from the trappings of common landscape imagery, Chiara balances preparation with spontaneity while photographing. “I like to plan my locations carefully but once I am there it becomes very instinctive. I don’t like to overthink the composition too much; I usually let colours and textures determine my frame.” Exploring the far reaches of Earth, Chiara’s desire to document landscapes and textural dimensions led her to the deserts of North and South America to explore their silent beauty with the Hasselblad 500C and the X1D-50c.

Her stunning photos can be shared with your readers by directing them to the Hasselblad official website.

If you would like any further information please contact:

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