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DJI Technology Provides ‘You Are Wanted’ With Amazing Film Sequences

Press Release   •   May 18, 2018 11:00 BST

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Amazon Prime Original Series Uses Even More DJI Equipment After Success In First Season

May 18, 2018DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and image stabilisation systems, has supported the second season of the Amazon Prime Original series "You Are Wanted" with its technology. During shooting, the DJI Inspire 2 drone with a Zenmuse X7 camera and the DJI Ronin 2 camera gimbal were used extensively.

“With our technology, DJI enabled the makers of ‘You Are Wanted’ to create innovative and breathtaking cinematography,” said André Becker, Product Manager, DJI EMEA. “The result was scenes that can not be produced in any other way and with such efficiency. Camera drones have become an integral part of the film landscape, substituting for cranes or dolly rails for staging fast-paced shoots.”

DJI worked closely with the production company Pantaleon and facilitated the early deployment of the Zenmuse X7 camera with its Super 35mm sensor, which was perfect for this large-scale film project. The opening sequence at the Bavarian Eibsee marked not only the start of the second season but was the first time that DJI’s Zenmuse X7 was used in a major production – months before DJI launched the camera on the market. Feedback from the production team flowed into the development of the X7. The same was true for DJI's camera gimbal, Ronin 2. At the time of filming, it was still in the test phase. The Ronin 2 allowed the crew for the first time to pack the entire camera set into a gimbal, without having to compromise on weight. During fast-paced racing scenes, the Ronin 2 showed its strength and kept even the largest cinema camera stable.

“The use of drones and camera gimbals vastly improved our work and brought innovative solutions,” said Bernhard Jasper, co-director and director of photography of the series. “I wanted to be as dynamic as possible and create a plethora of cool shots. A drone is incredibly flexible and can fly up and down in seconds. It requires no complicated and expensive constructions.”

A DJI drone was already used in the first season of “You Are Wanted,” broadcast in 2017.

The production was a showcase for the successful partnership of manufacturers and film studios. DJI equipment allowed the crew to work faster and more flexibly, and the crew helped DJI to adapt the products to the requirements of the filmmakers.

The second season of “You Are Wanted” will be shown exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and over 200 other countries and territories starting May 18, 2018. The series has been dubbed into English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Watch the video Behind The Scenes: “You Are Wanted”:

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Barbara Stelzner, Corporate Communication Director, DJI EMEA –

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