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Lasse Svendsen, Key Account Manager, Bjelin Denmark.
Lasse Svendsen, Key Account Manager, Bjelin Denmark.

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Bjelin grows with new key recruit to the sales team in Denmark

Bjelin, based in Skåne, Sweden, has an expansive growth strategy and is now strengthening its sales organization with a new Key Account Manager in Denmark, thereby adding a building block to Bjelins danish operations while continuing recruiting to the sales team in the coming period.

Before joining Bjelin, Lasse Svendsen was Key Account Manager at Bygma in Horsens and has extensive experience in selling building materials. He has previously worked in sales at HF Defta and held the position as Sales Manager at STARK in Breadstrup. At Bjelin, Lasse will focus on establishing Bjelins flooring products for the building supply markets in Fyn and Jylland.

"Lasse Svendsen's vast experience from the building supply trade, great customer relations and a genuine curiosity for our innovative flooring products makes him a dream recruit for Bjelin. It is with great joy that we welcome Lasse to our sales team, says Henrik Ottesen, Country Manager, Bjelin Denmark."

Bjelins success is based on smart fully automated production and green innovations. All wooden waste from production is used to make new flooring. Through a patented curing process where the surface is hardened in high temperatures and under extreme pressure, floors with capability to withstand excessive wear and tear are produced. As a result, Bjelin can offer flooring of the highest quality, reasonably priced and environmentally friendly.

"Denmark, where we now are building a strong sales organisation, is a mature market for our flooring products. We are looking forward to further additions to the sales team after the summer, says Johan Larsson Sales and Marketing Director at Bjelin."

    The development of the world leading technology that makes the floors durable and environmentally friendly is made in partnership with Bjelins sister company Välinge Innovation AB, famous for inventing the global success story click lock flooring. Bjelin are currently investing in fully automated production of wooden flooring in combination with world leading green technologies in both Sweden and Croatia.


    Bjelin is a part of a Swedish family owned company group based in Viken, in the south of Sweden, with state-of-the-art production facilities in the Croatian regions Bjelovar, Ogulin och Otok. The group has over 1000 employees and a turnaround of 1,3 billion SEK annually with sales in the entire European market. The founders of Bjelin invented the world’s first laminate flooring products during their time at Perstorp in the late 1970s. After founding Bjelin, they went on to introduce the innovative click flooring in the 1990s, now the company’s leading product line. The group’s R&D is carried out by Välinge Innovation AB,


    Ellinor Persson

    Ellinor Persson

    Press contact Head of Marketing +46 42 456 9496

    Reinventing the flooring market

    Bjelin is part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group and develops and manufactures a wide range of flooring products, including traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials. This development is in collaboration with sister company Välinge Innovation AB, best known as the inventor of the first mechanical floor locking system.

    Production takes place in Bjelin’s state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and Croatia, where the company has access to high-quality FSC-certified wood. For generations, highly experienced employees have worked there to refine the well-known Slavonic oak into wine barrels – and now floors.