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Leading Nordic wallpaper manufacturer streamlines operations with modern integration engine

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Leading Nordic wallpaper manufacturer streamlines operations with modern integration engine

Boråstapeter is Sweden's most well-known and best-selling premium wallpaper. Each year, the company launches around seven collections that are designed and produced in the city of Borås and distributed globally. In order to maintain its position on the international stage, very high standards are placed on production quality and efficiency and delivery reliability. To meet these criteria and uphold its reputation as market leader, Boråstapeter has invested in a modern integration solution which has reduced manual work, achieved higher levels of automation and streamlined processes from order to delivery.

In close collaboration with Connect Companies, Boråstapeter chose to upgrade from a separate system for ordering and production control to using a solution that fully integrates with the Jeeves ERP system. A critical component of the new solution is Connect Companies’ integration engine, Blue Integrator. Due to increased automation, processes ranging from orders and production to picking and delivery, have been significantly streamlined.

High degree of automation and fewer errors
By using Blue Integrator as a hub, Boråstapeter can now share real-time information between different systems. Blue Integrator is also used to automate the company’s production flow, which increases the load on the integration engine to meet availability, reliability and performance metrics.

“Our previous IT environment was maintenance-heavy, inaccessible and included a great deal of double registration. Today, we have a solution that links the ordering process directly between the web and the business system. The flow of information is now 99 percent automated. Naturally, this provides us with substantial time savings and fewer sources of error”, says Åsa Idehall, IT Manager at Boråstapeter.

Greater emphasis on digital printing
Increasingly, Boråstapeters production focus is on digital wallpaper printing, which means that an image file needs to be converted into lengths of wallpaper. It’s a demanding process which is now managed directly in the ERP system. As printing equipment continues to develop and improve, more and more wallpapers will be produced using digital print technology.

“The greatest compliment I can give Blue Integrator is that we don’t notice it. It is seamless. The engine is an exceptional technology which does what it claims to do. Deviations are now minimal and the reliability of our delivery is outstanding. During the implementation process, Connect Companies shared valuable knowledge and insight and provided us with a structured and logical way of working", concludes Åsa Idehall.

An overview of Blue Integrator
By deploying Blue Integrator, companies in the manufacturing sector gain access to a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be used for virtually all types of integrations. Blue Integrator is easy to implement and can work alongside the SAP, Jeeves and Dynamics 365 ERP systems.

Unlike traditional direct integration engines, Blue Integrator does not detrimentally affect the operation or performance of the existing ERP system. The integration engine is also extremely cost effective when compared to market alternatives. Blue Integrator is currently being used by over 200 companies globally.

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Darren Cottom

Darren Cottom

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Stefan Jörkander

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Integration for the future

Blue Integrator is an integration engine which enables businesses globally to manage the complexities of new real-time information systems. In order to compete in the digital economy and cope with new market challenges, traditional businesses in industries such as logistics and manufacturing along with online focussed organizations use Blue Integrator to offer a cost-effective, efficient and flexible customer experience. This includes being able to provide access to information about prices, stock balances and delivery times in real-time, regardless of the time of day or the volume of web traffic.

By deploying Blue Integrator and establishing a cohesive flow of information, companies in all sectors can transform their business and gain access to a smart integration engine that can be used for any type of integration. The user only needs to register information once from the company's various platforms and subsystems; Blue Integrator then ensures that information is automatically kept up-to-date in, for example, logistics, warehouse and ERP systems. The solution can handle several hundred messages per second and is easily integrated into both internal and external IT systems.

Simplicity is at the core of the Blue Integrator offering, it is extremely easy to install and manage, enabling a large number of integrations including Dynamic 365 in Azure. Blue Integrator is owned by Connect Companies, a consultancy with over 20 years of integration experience, and is currently used by over 200 companies worldwide for increasing automation, simplifying operations and streamlining processes.

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