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The best work commute in the world? Candela P-12, a new revolutionizing electric hydrofoil ferry, will shuttle workers across Lake Manapōuri, voted NZ's most beautiful lake.
The best work commute in the world? Candela P-12, a new revolutionizing electric hydrofoil ferry, will shuttle workers across Lake Manapōuri, voted NZ's most beautiful lake.

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New Zealand's most iconic lake gets world's first flying electric ferry

New Zealand’s most beautiful lake is about to get a high-tech upgrade, with Meridian Energy set to bring the world’s first electric hydrofoiling ferry to Lake Manapōuri - Candela P-12.

The new, Swedish-made Candela P-12 electric hydrofoil ferry will provide daily transport for the staff and contractors servicing the country’s largest hydro power station, Manapōuri Power Station. It’ll save 240 tons of carbon emissions each year – equivalent to taking 52 petrol cars off the road.

Tania Palmer, Meridian’s GM of Generation, says it’s one way the company is reducing its emissions from internal transport, contributing to Meridian’s goal of halving its emissions by 2030.

“We have to be bold and innovative to reduce emissions. This deal is the result of a global search to identify the latest and best technology for our needs, and one that’s suitable for such an incredible natural environment."

“The Candela P-12 is an exciting replacement for the diesel ferry we currently use to transport people across the lake to the power station. It’ll drastically reduce emissions and, at the same time, give our team what’s arguably the best and most spectacular commute in the world.”

Meridian has signed a deal with Swedish company Candela to provide the P-12 and will be the first customer outside Europe to take delivery of the electric shuttle ferry, which has been described as a game changer for waterborne transport.

Flying on computer-guided hydrofoils, the P-12’s hull rises above the water at high speed, which reduces energy consumption by a staggering 80% when compared to traditional vessels, and allows for long range and high-speed travel using battery power only. Boasting the highest top speed and longest range of any electric ferry, it also provides many environmental benefits. At a cruise speed of 25 knots, the wake behind the vessel is less than 15cm high, which will minimize disruption to the shoreline of Lake Manapōuri – part of a UNESCO World Heritage Area and home to many indigenous species, including longfin eel.

As the ferry flies over Lake Manapōuri, which has been voted the country's most beautiful lake, its passengers need not worry about getting seasick; the P-12 is stabilized in real-time by a computer system —a Flight controller which prevents the motion-sickness inducing pitching and slamming found in other ships. The Flight controller uses sensors to measure the wave height in front of the vessel, and then adjusts the hydrofoils’ angle of attack 100 times per second to provide a smooth ride over them.

“We’re excited to partner with a global leader in the transition to sustainable energy and global decarbonisation and thrilled to soon see our P-12 in action on Lake Manapōuri,” says Gustav Hasselskog, Candela CEO.

“We thank Meridian for leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener future.”

The Candela P-12 is expected to begin operating on Lake Manapouri in 2025.

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Quick facts about the Candela P-12 ferry

Candela is a Swedish tech company dedicated to unlocking the potential of our waterways for sustainable transport. Candela designs and builds the world's first electric hydrofoil ships and boats. As these vessels fly above the friction of water, they overcome the greatest hurdle to electrification at sea, namely that conventional hulls are hugely inefficient and have correspondingly short range at high speeds.

After launching the best-selling C-8 leisure boat in 2019 (hailed by the press as an Iphone moment for boats) Candela is now set to revolutionize commuting with the record-shattering P-12 ferry, which was launched three months ago.

Candela P-12:

- The fastest electric ferry in the world, with a 30-knot top speed

- Has the longest range of any electric ship with a range of 50 nautical miles at 25 knots

- 80% lower energy consumption than conventional vessels, making it the most efficient fast ship to date

- Minimal wake generation, which can cut travel times drastically, given exemptions from speed limits (as in Stockholm).

- 90% lower energy/maintenance costs than diesel vessels, allowing operators to transition from diesel ships to sustainable fleets and making a profit

- Requires very low investments for charging infrastructure, thanks to its high efficiency. A typical DC charger for cars is sufficient

See Candela P-12 fly on Youtube:


Length 12 meters

Beam 4.5 meters

Capacity 30 passengers, seated

Battery 254 kWh

Motors 2 x Candela C-POD

Top speed 30 knots

Cruise speed 25 knots

Range 50 nautical miles at 25 knots

Media contact Candela

Mikael Mahlberg, Head of communications

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Stockholm-based Candela Technology AB is the world leader in hydrofoiling electric vessels. The company was founded in 2014 by engineer and business leader Gustav Hasselskog with the mission to accelerate the world's transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans by developing electric vessels that outperform those powered by fossil fuels.

Candela's watercraft have wings (hydrofoils) that lift the hull above the water and reduce friction, using 80% less energy than conventional ships at high speed. This technology allows for long-range water travel solely on battery power, a first in the industry. Candela's hydrofoils also enable operators to transition to sustainable fleets by providing up to 50% lower operational costs.

At the heart of Candela's hydrofoil tech stack is the Flight controller, which automatically stabilizes the vessel during flight by regulating the foils, using sensors that gauge wave height and wind speed, among other factors. Even in rough weather, passengers experience 90% less g-forces than they would on a traditional boat. All Candela vessels are fully connected and receive over-the-air updates.

After five years of research and development, Candela began producing the world's first electric hydrofoil leisure boat in 2019, the Candela C-7 open "roadster of the seas". This was followed in 2021 by the high-volume market Candela C-8, which will be delivered to the first customers in spring 2023. Over 150 C-8 units have been sold to date, and the vessel has been lauded as a "game changer" by Motorboat and Yachting magazine, winning numerous awards including the 2022 European Powerboat of the Year award for its superior seakeeping, long range, and high speed.

In 2023, Candela is launching its first commercial vessel, the Candela P-12 Shuttle ferry. It is poised to set multiple world records for being the fastest and longest-range electric ship ever built, with a top speed of 30 knots and a range of up to 60 nautical miles. It will also be the most energy-efficient fast ship ever made in its size class. Substantial operational cost savings are expected. The first unit is water launched during summer 2023.

Candela is a technology company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, employing over 200 engineers, technicians, and production staff. The company develops the entire tech stack, from the C-POD motor to the control system and carbon fiber hulls, in-house. Candela's two wholly-owned factories in Stockholm, Sweden, produce the Candela C-8 and P-12 vessels. The company also has leisure boat resellers in 12 countries and wholly-owned sales offices in San Francisco, USA, and Cannes, France.


Mikael Mahlberg

Mikael Mahlberg

Press contact Head of PR & Communications +46765376678

Speed. Range. Silence.

The world's only electric boat with speed and range on par with fossil fuel powered boat. And a behavior in rough sea second to none. Simply the future of boating.

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