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Effortless reporting and analysis with Brand report

With Brand report all your complex data is transformed to an understandable and shareable report

  • Measures and visualises key metrics
  • Turns data into actionable insights
  • Benchmark your brand to competitors

Do all your reporting in a breeze



Simplify reporting

Takes away frustration and saves you time, by distilling complex data into a comprehensive report.


Seamless experience

Stay on the same platform for creation and ideation, publishing and distribution, as well as reporting and analyzing.


Shareable findings

Tired of a boss who only speaks the language of numbers? Here is the answer to your prayers. Make a shareable pdf and share.

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Strengthen results

The report will help you optimise your report and level up your PR, by showing you what is working, and what is not.

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Make the most essential effortless

The demands on PR and brand marketing professionals to work data-driven are increasing. While you’re figuring out how to let the data guide you in the right direction, the mountain of data continues growing. It’s time for some peace of mind. With Brand report you will do all the reporting and analysing in a breeze; and you will get all the guidance you need in what is working and what is not.  You’ll make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and be able to refine your messaging for success.


No more cut-and-paste reports or complex dashboards

Reporting does not need to be complicated or time-consuming. The Brand report measures what is important, and visualises it in a beautiful and pedagogical way. Your weekly/monthly/quarterly reporting becomes the easiest task to tackle. Because of the flexible and easy-to-digest format the reports are perfect to share internally or with external stakeholders.

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Measure what is important

Harnesses the constant flow of information and puts it into context, making it easier to understand how your brand is perceived and what resonates with your customers. The brand report measures all key metrics like

  • Brand awareness

Mentions, reach and trend analysis helps you understand how well your brand is known in the market, providing insights into the effectiveness of your brand communications efforts and potential areas for improvement.

  • Brand reputation

Sentiment analysis and benchmarking provides a deep understanding of how your brand is perceived.

  • Share of Voice (SoV)

SoV provides a clear indication of your brand’s competitive position in the market, helping you identify opportunities to increase your market presence and gain a competitive edge.

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