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Using the world’s smartest PR and communications platform – with built-in AI.

media monitoring

Media monitoring - understand your market

Easily monitor millions of sources in real-time to discover trends, track your brand, and work proactively with crisis management.

Produkter & tjänster

Contact management - reach the right people

Combine your own contact lists with Mynewsdesk’s journalist network, AI tool, and global media database to reach the most relevant target audiences for your topic areas.


Press release distribution - maximum coverage

Write and publish press releases, news, and blog posts on the Mynewsdesk platform to reach the right audience, improve your SEO, and increase your chances of media coverage.

Produkter & tjänster

Online newsroom for all your PR material

Gather all your press material in one place and tag your content so that journalists covering your topics can easily bring your stories to the world.

measure PR

PR reports - analyse and measure impact

Use AI to track your media impact, be data-driven in your PR efforts, and create reports that show the effect of your communication.


World class SEO

Increase your visibility in the search results by publishing your content on one of the world’s strongest web domains.


Content expertise to strengthen your brand

Let Mynewsdesk’s experienced content agency create strategies and produce content to further increase your chances of media coverage.

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– Mynewsdesk’s platform is so easy to use that you’re able to publish at a high rate. I can also be more effective now that I do a lot myself; sometimes I get an idea and publish a press release the same day as I thought of it.

Lotta Anestedt, Lofsdalen


What is Mynewsdesk?

Mynewsdesk is a digital platform that uses AI to offer you an intelligent solution for your PR. Companies and organizations use Mynewsdesk to increase brand awareness and to engage with journalists, opinion leaders, customers, influencers and other relevant target groups.

How does Mynewsdesk work?

In Mynewsdesk’s digital newsroom, companies and organizations can easily share news with over one million journalists worldwide. With our analysis tool, you get detailed insights about the reach and media exposure you get, and our tool for media monitoring can help you see your impact in the media. Mynewsdesk helps you evaluate your work, so you can maximize your PR and communication efforts to gain even better results!

Who uses Mynewsdesk?

Companies and organizations use Mynewsdesk to increase their brand awareness, and to build relationships with journalists, opinion leaders, customers, influencers and other relevant target groups.

Journalists, influencers and opinion leaders use Mynewsdesk to create news coverage for topics that are relevant to them. With Mynewsdesk, they can take part in news that they might otherwise have missed out on.

What are the benefits of Mynewsdesk?

Mynewsdesk’s digital newsroom is all you need for your PR and communication! By gathering all your external communication in one platform, you get an efficient workflow with publishing, distribution, media monitoring, analysis and a strong global media database with over one million journalist contacts. We make it easier and more efficient for companies and organizations to build relationships, and create knowledge about their business.

What reach does Mynewsdesk offer?

We have a local network of 29,000 journalists who subscribe to news from Mynewsdesk. In addition, we have our global media database with international journalists. In total, you can reach over one million journalists worldwide. Further, Mynewsdesk’s strong domain gives your publications better rankings in search results and thereby increased visibility. With our platform, you will reach the best and most relevant audience for your communication.

Is Mynewsdesk free?

For journalists and readers, Mynewsdesk is free. As a company or organization, we offer a free trial of Mynewsdesk, for ten days. When your trial ends, we offer different options that are customized to your needs and wishes. For prices and subscriptions, click here.

Where can I find more information about prices and subscriptions?

You will find our subscriptions here. For more information about our prices, you are welcome to contact our sales department here!

How do I book a demo of Mynewsdesk?

You can easily book a demo of Mynewsdesk here!

How do I get in touch with customer support and sales?

You are welcome to contact us here at any time. Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram for more information.

How does Mynewsdesk work with AI?

Mynewsdesk’s digital PR solution is built with AI technology helping you in every step of your PR workflow. Create powerful press releases within seconds with the help of AI. Find relevant journalists, influencers and media outlets for your news in real time, based on the AI analyzing your content in order to identify who you should contact. The built-in AI also automatically monitors the distribution and performance of every news item you publish via Mynewsdesk’s press service.

All in all, enables you to better understand your PR work, save time and maximise your results. You got yourself a new PR Assistant.

How does Mynewsdesk handle GDPR?

Mynewsdesk has updated Terms and Conditions in accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. As a customer, you are responsible for ensuring that your contact list in our platform is handled in a legal manner in accordance with the GDPR. Thereby, you need to create and define routines regarding the handling of your contact lists. You can read more about how we handle GDPR here.

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