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Our offices around the world


Mynewsdesk Sweden
Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm

Email: Stockholm
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk Gothenburg
Kyrkogatan 44
411 15 Göteborg

Email: Gothenburg
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk Malmö
Stora Varvsgatan 6A
211 19 Malmö

Email: Malmö
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk Norway
NHST Media group AS
Chr. Krohgs gate 16
PO Box 1182 Sentrum

Email: Oslo
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk GmbH
c/o Greenlander’s Friends
Petersstraße 22 / Sporergässchen 2
04109 Leipzig

Email: Leipzig
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk GmbH
Werner-Eckert-Straße 9
81829 München

Email: Munich
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk


Mynewsdesk Denmark
Jagtvej 113H, 2. sal
2200 København N

Email: Copenhagen
LinkedIn: @Mynewsdesk

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