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Clean, safe water with new UV LED technology

A close partnership between shower manufacturer FM Mattsson and water purification company Watersprint has resulted in a globally unique product. The product protects against different types of bacteria including legionella, which can cause a number of illnesses including legionella disease. The product’s effects have been scientifically proven in several international studies, and these innovative shower panels are currently the most effective way to reduce contamination.

FM Mattsson manufactures mixer taps with a unique preventative function that automatically flushes water through the mixer to protect against the growth of legionella and other bacteria in the water pipes. Watersprint, a company based in Sweden, uses UV LED technology to destroy the bacteria in the water.

There are many species of legionella. The bacteria can cause symptoms and illnesses ranging from fatigue to pneumonia, which in worst cases can be fatal. Legionella breeds most readily in stagnant warm water, for instance in sportsfacilities, gyms and hospitals. It is safe to drink water contaminated with legionella; it is inhaling the steam that causes infection.

“It is the combination of functions that make this shower panel unique. FM Mattsson’s automatic hygiene flushing combined with Watersprint’s UV LED unit has resulted in a panel that reduces the work of installers and technicians. But most importantly, the panel helps eliminate potentially harmful and life-threatening legionella from shower steam. It is a truly revolutionary product unlike anything else on the market today. Another clear advantage is that purification takes place as close as is physically possible to the shower head, ensuring maximum contamination protection,” says Pete Andersen, CEO, Watersprint.

He points out that because the technology is relatively new, it is important at this stage to explain the benefits of the panels as a safe and maintenance-free form of legionella protection. This has been proven in a joint study between Lund University and the City of Malmö, in which three different methods of legionella prevention were tested. The results showed that the combination of FM Mattsson’s hygiene flushing and Watersprint’s UV LED treatment afforded by far the best results, especially when hot water was used for flushing, as is the standard today.

“The results of the City of Malmö’s legionella tests showed a significant improvment. The shower panels effectively eliminated legionella before it reached the shower head, making every shower safe and hygienic. Although they primarily target the roughly 60 existing species of legionella, the shower panels also eliminate other bacteria,” says Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager, FM Mattsson Mora Group.

Moreover, because purification and flushing takes place automatically in the shower panels, there is less work for the maintenance and technical staff at facilities where they are installed.

“Legionella are insidious bacteria and a problem that must be taken seriously. We are delighted to have scientific proof that FM Mattsson’s shower panels combined with our UV LED technology really make a difference. Thanks to this, we’re more motivated than ever to make a difference in hospitals, hotels, spas, sports facilities, gyms and other places that constantly battle against legionella,” comments Pete Andersen at Watersprint.

Facts about legionella

  • Legionella can cause legionnaire’s disease, a severe form of pneumonia with high fever, headache, muscle pain and respiratory problems. Other symptoms include diarrhea, mental confusion, fatigue, coughing and other flu-like symptoms.
  • Legionnaire’s disease is the most severe type of pneumonia and is potentially fatal. It affects between 100 and 150 people in Sweden per year, although the exact figure is unknown in Sweden and in the rest of the world.
  • Legionella spreads by inhalation of airborne droplets of contaminated water.
  • Legionella bacteria breed most readily at temperatures of 18–45 °C. This means they can multiply in ordinary water pipes, air conditioning systems, showers and jacuzzis. They survive temperatures up to 60 °C, but can hide in biofilms and develop resistance to high temperatures.
  • Maintaining a minimum water temperature of 60 °C in pipe systems and tanks reduces risk of contamination.
  • Individuals who are otherwise healthy can be infected, but people with a weakened immune system are most at risk. Fatalities occur despite modern intensive care, with a 5–20 percent fatality rate.

Source: Watersprint / 1177 Health care


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The Swedish industry jewel FM Mattsson Mora Group is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer of mixer taps. For 150 years we have developed manufactured and marketed faucets and mixers under the strong, established brand names FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur.

In May 2014 FM Mattsson Mora Group acquired Danish Damixa. Damixa was founded in 1932 and still manufactures Danish designed taps at the factory in Odense. The company is the leader in the Danish market for mixer taps and covers most household and public building requirements.

Scandinavia is the company's primary market. FM Mattsson Mora Group realised a 2017 turnover of more than 1,1 billion SEK and employs approx. 550. The activities as well as the head office are centred in Mora, Sweden.


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