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Performance-driven? Your data is at your fingertips!

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Performance-driven? Your data is at your fingertips!

Introducing: workout history!

The Intelligent Cycling app now provides a detailed workout summary every time you’ve completed a workout. There are three layers to our latest feature:

  1. Live performance feedback
  2. Post-workout summary
  3. Workout history and year reports

Live Feedback

Do you hook up to a Bluetooth device when you work out? Now, you can swipe left for easy access to all your performance data while you’re training. Our new overview delivers useful training metrics such as power output and RPM, average performance over both short and long intervals, IF, TSS, and so much more.

Share your summary

At the end of the workout, you can swipe through a complete workout summary of your performance. Did you do what you set out to do? Evaluating your workout will help you set better goals. You can even celebrate milestones by sharing your results directly to your favorite social media platforms!

Your workout history

In addition to a complete workout summary pop-up after each completed workout, you’ll also be able to access old summaries via your workout history. Jump back in time and see which workouts you rode when, and how your performance has improved over time.
Following the calendar year, we’ll produce a yearly report, allowing you to see how many hours you’ve spent in the saddle this year, how many workouts you’ve completed or calories you’ve burned as well as an estimate of your total distance traveled. If you’re a longtime user, check the app to see your 2020 report, and compare it to how you’ve been getting on so far in 2021.

We hope this new feature inspires you to train more intelligently and look forward to adding more ways to inform your training!



Intelligent Cycling® develops indoor cycling software that keeps riders motivated and moving. Recommended by industry giants like Wattbike®, Bodybike®, Schwinn®, and Keiser®, the Danish company is at the forefront of its industry.
Intelligent Cycling focuses on digital training solutions that meet the needs of club owners, instructors, and club members, both in and outside of the studio.
Services include an intuitive and user-friendly workout platform, on-demand content, streaming of live virtual classes, and VR-ready immersive indoor cycling adventure, The Journey.
Intelligent Cycling® software is used in fitness clubs, gyms, and private homes all around the world.

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