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No instructor? No problem. The Virtual Player lets members play workouts on the big screen in between live classes.
No instructor? No problem. The Virtual Player lets members play workouts on the big screen in between live classes.

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The Virtual Player gives members the control in between live classes

Are you getting enough use out of your bikes in between live classes? The Virtual Player helps you fill empty bike seats in between classes by giving your members easy access to your screen and thousands of ready-to-ride workouts, all via smartphone!

As gyms are slowly getting ready to open back up, it’s time to introduce you to the Virtual Player. This new player will allow your members to access all workouts in the Intelligent Cycling® library (using only their smartphone!) and play them on the big screen at your gym. That includes our entire Intelligent Cycling On Demand library featuring both on-camera instructors and voice-guided classes. No extra cost, no extra hardware!

When a “ticket to ride” is displayed on the screen at your bike studio, your members can use it to access your Intelligent Cycling® desktop app via smartphone. It’s like passing your members the remote control, whenever you don’t have a class scheduled. The Virtual Player also comes in handy whenever an instructor is sick, caught in traffic, or otherwise unexpectantly unable to make it to a scheduled class.

The Virtual Player in three easy steps:

  1. Open the Intelligent Cycling® app on your phone and input the ticket to ride displayed on the big screen at your gym.
  2. Pick “Browse workouts” to choose a workout created by our users, a top indoor cycling brand, or an official Intelligent Cycling® workout profile. Pick “On Demand” to access our library of instructor-led, on-demand classes.
  3. You’re ready to ride!

Still unsure how the Virtual Player works? Watch our 3-minute tutorial to get started.

We hope you love the Virtual Player and our exclusive on-demand content as much as we do!



Intelligent Cycling® develops indoor cycling software that keeps riders motivated and moving. Recommended by industry giants like Wattbike®, Bodybike®, Schwinn®, and Keiser®, the Danish company is at the forefront of its industry.
Intelligent Cycling focuses on digital training solutions that meet the needs of club owners, instructors, and club members, both in and outside of the studio.
Services include an intuitive and user-friendly workout platform, on-demand content, streaming of live virtual classes, and VR-ready immersive indoor cycling adventure, The Journey.
Intelligent Cycling® software is used in fitness clubs, gyms, and private homes all around the world.

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Indoor cycling should be time-efficient, simple, and fun, and we think we cracked the code! Our software takes the indoor cycling-experience to new heights in the easiest, most accessible way for you and your members. That’s why all you need to get started is a PC! Take your members on immersive rides through virtual worlds, adapt to the fitness industry’s new normal with Live Streaming and on-demand content, or use our Player to guide both instructors and members during live classes. We work with industry giants like Wattbike, Keiser, and BodyBike to keep bringing you the indoor cycling software of the future. We can’t wait to show you our solutions!

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