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Gustav Berghog, Group CEO Junglemap
Gustav Berghog, Group CEO Junglemap

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Junglemap presents a strong second quarter 2023 – new features increased the number of deals by over 30 percent

Junglemap had a strong second quarter of 2023 with close to 400 deals – an increase by 30 percent compared to Q2 2022. A new product portfolio, new role-based awareness training and a new AI-function are drivers behind the strong result.

Junglemap continue to grow by once again increasing the number of deals in this years’ second quarter. With NanoLearning as a proven method for efficient cybersecurity training as the foundation, Junglemap has also introduced a number of new features during this period.

  • By request from several customers, Junglemap has introduced a role-based awareness training targeting product- and development teams covering the OWASP top 10 list.

  • With supply chain security becoming increasingly important, Junglemaps new product portfolio offers solutions fitted for all business sizes.

  • During 2023 Junglemap is also implementing a new AI-feature to the NanoLearning platform, designed to create high quality NanoLearning content. This allows organizations to create awareness trainings much more efficiently.

The increased number of deals also illustrates the continuous high demand for efficient cybersecurity awareness training. With cyberattacks still on the rise, and new regulations like the NIS2 directive, cybersecurity is becoming a more strategic issue for all organizations.
- We see that organizations of all sizes are struggling to be cybersecurity compliant, with awareness training as a centrepiece, says Gustav Berghog, CEO Junglemap. With our new and upcoming features, we will be able to continue to help organizations be compliant for real.



We provide effective and affordable security, privacy, productivity and governance awareness training based on NanoLearning.


Gustav Berghog

Gustav Berghog

Press contact Group CEO Global +46 (0) 725 599 444
Per Lagerström

Per Lagerström

Press contact Dir of Communication and Marketing +46733399065 Per Lagerström on LinkedIn

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