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Illustration of The Mother showing its size. Illustration by J & L Gibbons
Illustration of The Mother showing its size. Illustration by J & L Gibbons

Press release -

Launch of the sculpture The Mother is postponed until June 2022

The large bronze sculpture was scheduled to be unveiled at the new area outside of MUNCH during 2021, but the work has taken longer than planned. It has now been decided to postpone the transport of The Mother from London until the spring of 2022. The unveiling will therefore not take place until next summer.

It is very unfortunate that the production has taken longer than expected, and we are doing what we can to facilitate the arrival on our part. In recent months, the public has used the new recreation area a lot, and we look forward to Oslo residents also being able to experience The Mother here. This is an artwork that will stand for many years in our city, says Stein Slyngstad, Director at the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Oslo.

The new area outside of MUNCH became a popular place to visit and relax this summer. Photo: Istvan Virag

Reasons for the postponement:

The pandemic has led to reduced production and staffing at the two foundries that have cast the sculpture. Imports of bronze to England have also been delayed. Entry restrictions to Norway have led to the artist's subcontractor only recently being able to come to Oslo to inspect the area where the sculpture will sit, and the planned rig site. Here, the sculpture will be assembled, from several parts into one. The parts must be welded together and patinated before the sculpture is ready to be lifted over the Akerselva river to the flower meadow.

  • This is the largest sculpture the bronze foundry AB Fine Art Foundry has produced, and the artist's largest work to date. Due to the size of the sculpture, production and transport, both present challenges. Although the sculpture is now largely finished in England, the transport and assembly work will require time.
  • The artist's collaborative partners have considered that there is too much uncertainty in carrying out the assembly work so close to the Norwegian winter, and it is not possible to patina bronze if the temperature reaches below zero. The sculpture will therefore be stored in England until next year, and arrive in Oslo when the conditions are better suited for the work to be carried out. Bronze is a strong material with great durability, and the sculpture will last for several hundred years.
  • Tracey Emin's illness has also affected the situation. She has to approve all the stages of production, and lately her first priority has been to focus on her health and recovery. She is now feeling much better and the production is running full steam ahead.


The Agency for Cultural Affairs (Kulturetaten) ensures quality, diversity and development in cultural offerings in Oslo. The Agency also recommends candidates for grants and scholarships for various projects aiming to promote art, culture and media in the city. The Agency is also responsible for the City of Oslo’s art programme, the City Archives, Oslo Culture School, the Pop Centre, the Vigeland Museum, the sculptures in the Vigeland Park, Oslo Culture Night, Oslo biennalen, summer camps, cultural properties, the Events Office (arrangementskontoret), and more.

Stein Slyngstad has been director since 2018.


Jørn Johansen

Jørn Johansen

Press contact Director of Communications at Deichman Deichman Public Library, Oslo +47 900 97 250
Anne-Line Aaslund

Anne-Line Aaslund

Press contact Senior Communications Advisor, The Agency for Cultural Affairs +47 412 23 041
Tone Kjensmo

Tone Kjensmo

Press contact Communication advisor, Culture Affairs +47 470 79 019

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