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The sculpture by Tracey Emin will finally get her place in the flower meadow. Image and Landscape Architect: J & L Gibbons
The sculpture by Tracey Emin will finally get her place in the flower meadow. Image and Landscape Architect: J & L Gibbons

Press release -

On Saturday 4 June, the artwork The Mother will be completed

At long last, the Tracey Emin sculpture will be installed at Inger Munch’s Pier in Bjørvika, Oslo. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be on Saturday 4 June, and from 6:30 PM, the public will be able to experience the sculpture up close. Oslo and Norway will have an impressive new art attraction that will stand to the end of time.

What is happening before the opening?

  • On Monday 30 May, there will be an opportunity to see the sculpture after it has undergone treatment. This is when the scaffolding will be removed at Sukkerbiten in Oslo, and The Mother will be visible to the public.
  • Then, from 2 June, Inger Munch’s Pier will be closed to the public.
  • On Thursday 2 June, The Mother will be lifted over Akerselva from Sukkerbiten to the little flower meadow where she will stand.
  • At around 11 AM, a trial lift will take place.
  • The main lift will take place at 4 PM. After this, at 4:15 PM, there will be a press conference at which Tracey Emin will talk about her artwork. Vice Mayor for Culture in City of Oslo Omar S. Gamal and Director of the Agency for Cultural Affairs Stein Slyngstad will also be present.
  • On Friday 3 June, flowers will be planted and preparation of the landscape around the sculpture will be completed.
  • On Saturday 4 June, an invitation-only unveiling event will be held at Inger Munch’s Pier. Members of the public and passers-by will be able to see it from a distance, at Sukkerbiten.
  • The area will be reopened to the public after the unveiling, at around 7:00 PM.

To schedule interviews with artist Tracey Emin, Vice Mayor for Culture in the City of Oslo Omar S. Gamal and Director at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Stein Slyngstad, please contact Tone Kjensmo at, or by telephone at +47 470 79 019.

Facts and information:

Facts and background on the artwork The Mother.

- Tracey Emin won the competition for the art project in 2018. Read about all the proposals that were submitted from the invited artists.

- The artwork is part of the City of Oslo’s Art Programme and will be part of the City of Oslo’s art collection from June 2022. Learn more here.

- Oslo has built a 1000 square metre plot, called Inger Munch’s Pier, outside the new MUNCH Museum. A new, attractive art and recreational area in Bjørvika. Learn more here.

Tracey Emin with a model of The Mother in front of MUNCH in 2018. Photo: Agency for Cultural Affairs, City of Oslo

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The Agency for Cultural Affairs (Kulturetaten) ensures quality, diversity and development in cultural offerings in Oslo. The Agency also recommends candidates for grants and scholarships for various projects aiming to promote art, culture and media in the city. The Agency is also responsible for the City of Oslo’s art programme, the City Archives, Oslo Culture School, the Pop Centre, the Vigeland Museum, the sculptures in the Vigeland Park, Oslo Culture Night, Oslo biennalen, summer camps, cultural properties, the Events Office (arrangementskontoret), and more.

Stein Slyngstad has been director since 2018.


Tone Kjensmo

Tone Kjensmo

Press contact Communication advisor, Culture Affairs +47 470 79 019

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