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Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén, Sustainability Strategist at Löfbergs, tells more about the coffee roastery's framework for sustainable business.
Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén, Sustainability Strategist at Löfbergs, tells more about the coffee roastery's framework for sustainable business.

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A sustainable business framework

The scientists of the world agree that the climate situation is urgent. The biodiversity is decreasing, our ecosystems are disturbed and human activities are to blame. The planet’s resources are not infinite. At the same time, we see great social challenges with increased polarisation and growing inequality. At Löfbergs, we are determined to be in the forefront and contribute to a sustainable future. Our starting point is to minimise our negative effect and maximise our positive. The perspective has always been to build for coming generations.

Our Sustainable business framework describes the direction and the ambition for our sustainability work in all markets, in our value chain and as a social actor. The ambitions and the goals have been set in line with the UN global goals and the Paris Agreement for climate change.

All life on Earth requires well-functioning ecosystems. It depends on a climate that makes the planet habitable, a rich biodiversity, access to clean, fresh water and clean air. We need to act in a circular way and use our resources to not take more than we give back.

Our values are the foundation of our sustainability work. They guide our decisions and how we work. We pledge ourselves wholeheartedly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which guide us in our actions and our goals. We are convinced that the business community plays an essential role in order to reach the goals.

We are small in some respects, but big enough to make a difference in different ways. We can have an effect on people’s well-being and contribute to a flourishing planet. The global challenges that we have accepted regard:

  • The planet
    Climate change, loss of biodiversity, unsustainable use of resources.
  • The people
    Opportunities for the next generation regarding prosperity, equality, and well-being.

    To meet the global challenges, we focus on three areas. These areas guide us in making smart and sustainable choices that contribute to our business case as well as the public welfare.

    Our ambition is to go from a linear to a fully circular business without any negative effect on the planet. To manage the planet’s resources, strive for a sustainable production and consumption as well as reduce the climate effect contribute directly to the global sustainability goals 8, 12, and 13 in a positive way.

    We will contribute to a more fair economic growth for the small-scale coffee farmers of the world. We believe in transforming the value chain of coffee. We know that certified coffee makes a difference and that we can reach further by working together with others to strengthen coffee farmer communities all over the world. The global sustainability goals 1, 2, 6, 8, 13, and 15 permeate our ambition of a fair and transparent value chain, in interaction with the planet’s ecosystem.

    We have decided to contribute to a society characterised by inclusion and diversity. We will start with ourselves and our own business, but we also do what we can to inspire and influence others and use our voice in the debate. The global sustainability goals 5, 8, and 10 guide us in our ambition of a fully inclusive business characterised by diversity.

    To accomplish real change, we need to be innovative and courageous. Since the start in 1906, we have aimed to be pioneers in sustainability and have the courage of taking the first step. This is a role we will strengthen henceforth. We like to be the first and are happy to inspire the world around us, but we often reach our goals by cooperating with others. Not least when it comes to sustainability. In line with the global sustainability goal 17, we believe in the power of doing things together.

    Our clear values create a security and make us take a stand, raise our voice, and pursue matters that are important to us. And we will continue to transparently report and share our success and our adversity.

    We do not have all the answers and we do not know exactly how to reach our goals yet, but we do know that with high ambitions and goals, we tend to find ways to reach them.

    Kajsa-Lisa Ljudén
    Sustainability Strategist, Löfbergs

    >> Löfbergs Sustainability Report 2020/2021




    Anders Thorén

    Anders Thorén

    Press contact Head of Corporate Communications +46 703 55 64 22

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