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Terése Edholm

Press contact PR Manager 00733848906

Arcticbath, Harads, Swedish Lapland

Inspired by the success of Treehotel, a new floating cold bath is being built on Lule river, downstream from the bridges of Bodträskfors. Arctic Bath will be an exciting year-round hotel, floating in summer and frozen on the river during the winter months.

Arctic Bath’s main building, inspired by the age of log driving, will be a monument to the importance of the forest for the entire county’s development.

Arctic Bath has a circular shape which creates a protected environment for sunbathers. It’s also where winter bathing, in a hole in the ice, takes place. The hotel has a cold bath, spa, treatment rooms, restaurant, lounge and bar.

Architects: Bertil Hagström & Johan Kauppi.

Arctic Bath AB
Besöksadress: Ramdalsvägen 10
96024 Harads