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ASPLUND 2020 - Three decades of Swedish design

Following last year’s debut at the imm Cologne, ASPLUND is once more part of this important exhibition in the furnishing and design world in 2020. This year we will represent the ASPLUND brand together with our new German agent, NEXXTINTERIOR, who has an office and showroom in Munich.

This year we are presenting a slightly wider range of our collection, many products new to the German market. An example; the Biblioteket Rug that is a centerpiece of the AD magazine’s award winning room “the Library” in the Swedish National museum by interior designer Emma Olbers. In addition we are also showing pieces of well known award winning series of furniture and carpets; Tati, Palais, Kilt and Fleur, just to mention a few.

ASPLUND is in its 30th year as a Swedish furniture company and has quite a unique production philosophy - All our furniture is made to order in Sweden. Over the years we have collaborated with numerous Swedish and International designers, both well known and new promising talents. We are constantly working on developing furniture and carpets where design, function and quality last for a long time. We believe in well thought out and useful products that make a subtle trace in people’s environment and as minimal trace on our earth as possible.

"Sustainability is not a buzz word for us, it is our guiding principle and has been for 30 years"

Making furniture with the right design and quality, primarily for homes, that are durable enough to also withstand contract use, is something that we work hard for. - We do not compromise on proportions, details or handcraft. Our goal has always been to make furniture that people cherish and use for a long time, and maybe also pass on to the next generation. That is for us; The essence of sustainability.

“In a time of mass consumption where most manufacturers have their production in far-away low cost countries, we stand by our Swedish furniture heritage and have our pieces produced by skilled local craftsmen with fair conditions and wages, who put in a big amount of knowledge, soul and effort in every piece they build. Our quality and flexibility is something that we always work hard to maintain, says Sandra Adrian-Asplund, Creative Director and Production Manager.

ASPLUND has obtained several awards throughout the years in Sweden and Internationally. Collaborating designers of this year’s presented furniture and carpets are: Claesson Koivisto Rune, Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Anya Sebton, Emma Olbers, Broberg & Ridderstråle, Thomas Sandell, Jonas Bohlin, Marie Louise Hellgren and Pia Wallén.

Many thanks to Wästberg lighting and Maruni Japan for complementing this year’s ASPLUND imm exhibition with lights and seating.​

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ASPLUND - one of the most prominent Scandinavian design companies founded in 1990 by brothers Michael and Thomas Asplund. Starting as a gallery, the company have transitioned into a one of a kind design institution. Many customers have described what makes ASPLUND different to other Nordic companies and that is that the Collection shows its own essence of Swedish functional and minimalistic style with an International elegance and a little touch of playfulness. The company consists of ASPLUND Collection (furniture and carpets assigned the ASPLUND brand), The ASPLUND Store (a high-end design store, were you can find both pieces from ASPLUND Collection among with other prominent design brands), ASPLUND KÖK (kitchen assigned the ASPLUND brand), ASPLUND Studio and ASPLUND Contract, which offer customized interior solutions for all types of projects.


Sandra Adrian Asplund

Press contact Creative Director 08-6657368

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