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Children’s Climate Prize launches the podcast 'Young Minds' – hear the global youth discuss climate, the environment and the future

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Children’s Climate Prize launches the podcast 'Young Minds' – hear the global youth discuss climate, the environment and the future

Young people dare to think differently and visualize opportunities where others see difficulties. In the podcast, Young Minds, they discuss personal motivating factors, lessons learned and future prospects. The program is led by Luca Berardi from WWF Youth, an all-around climate fighter. All episodes of the podcast are available on Spotify, iTunes (etc.).

'Young Minds' is a youth-led podcast focused on highlighting the next generation's perspective on major issues in environment, climate and sustainability. If you are interested in learning about climate action with a focus on young changemakers, entrepreneurs, innovators and conservationists, then this podcast is for you! Get the latest from youths who are actively working towards sustainability in different ways. The podcast is led by Luca Berardi, an 18-year-old from WWF Sweden Youth. He was also made a finalist in the 2016 Children’s Climate Prize for his work with Young Animal Rescue Heroes (YARH) in Kenya, an organization raising awareness of endangered animals as well as the importance of environmental appreciation. In addition, he is a musician, TEDx speaker and author. Luca has seen much of the world despite his age, and has already lived (and grown up) in Italy, Thailand, Romania, Kenya and Tanzania.

"The IPCC report from earlier this year was, for many, a wake-up call. There is no time to wait, decisions and commitments need to be made now. COP26 is now taking place after having been postponed due to the pandemic, which means that important decisions have also been postponed. The negotiations this year must therefore be much more ambitious. Young people take action and this is particularly evident in the podcast Young Minds, which I hope can inspire individuals of all ages," says the moderator, Luca Berardi.

The podcast, 'Young Minds', is produced by the Children’s Climate Prize with support from Telge Energi. In 2021, five episodes will be released, offering inspiring and encouraging conversations. The discussion topics include everything from sustainable technology and litigation, to the magic of the rainforest. All episodes are available on Spotify, iTunes (etc.) and are approximately 15-20 minutes in length.


1. Tackling climate change through soccer in Kenya with Lesein Mutunkei

2. A megaphone for climate and social justice in Amazonas with Fernanda Barros

3. How technology can predict and limit the damage of forest fires with Reshma Kosaraju

4. Tackling climate change in the courtroom with Anjali Sharma

5. Applying artificial intelligence for waste classification to combat climate change with Yash Narayan

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The Children’s Climate Prize is an international prize annually awarded to young people who have made extraordinary efforts for the climate and environment. The award and financial support are managed by the Children’s Climate Foundation, which was initiated by the award’s founder Telge Energi. Based on Telge Energi’s belief in young people’s ability to drive change in the world, the award is now a part of their ongoing work for sustainable development and production of renewable energy in Sweden. The winners of the prize are celebrated at an award ceremony in November each year and receive a diploma, medal and prize money of SEK 100,000 to continue developing their projects.


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