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Flic Twist
Flic Twist

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Announcing Flic Twist: A Wireless Dial for the Entire Family, with Matter Support.

Stockholm, October 28, 2021. The team that invented the Smart Button is back with a new invention for Smart Home Control that is unlike anything on the market. Flic Twist is a combined smart button and dial that makes it easy to control every aspect of a smart home, even for tech-averse family members, children and guests. Flic Twist is packed with clever features that have never been seen before. Flic Twist is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the home. Pre-orders will begin on November 2, 2021. Additionally, Matter support will come for all Flic products in 2022.

Today, the team behind the multiple award-winning product Flic, the world's first smart button, announced a new innovation for smart home control. Flic Twist is the first of its kind as it combines a wireless smart button and a dimmer-like dial into a product that can control smart home devices in innovative and intuitive ways. Flic Twist is designed to be as easy to use as a wall dimmer for tech-averse family members yet advanced and wildly configurable for the tech-enthusiast in the home.

The Flic Team has spent years understanding the needs of smart home users when it comes to controlling their devices. Controlling smart home attributes such as smart lights and multi-room speakers often require the use of voice commands and apps that are not as intuitive as regular wall switches and dimmers. Most users struggle with teaching and remembering voice commands or different apps controlling different devices, which also need to be installed on each family member's phone. This is a problem in homes where one family member is more tech-savvy than others, creating unnecessary conflict.

"98% of our users say that they set up their Smart Home while over 50% of them say that they experience problems instructing their families and guests how to control it. That's why they're using Flic Buttons and why we're excited to launch Flic Twist." said Daniel Abdiu, CEO of Shortcut Labs.

Flic Twist is designed and developed with the entire family in mind and even guests. With simplicity for the family being the primary focus, it aspires to give even more control to everyone in the home while keeping the simplicity of the original Flic button. Flic Twist provides smart home control in a way that everyone understands without having to rely on voice control, installing apps, or explaining how everything works.

Users can interact with Flic Twist in two basic ways; either by pushing the button in the middle or by rotating the dial. For even more possibilities, users can push and hold the button while rotating the dial.

The Push is able to trigger events, from toggling the lights to activating Alexa Routines, just like the original Flic button. The new Rotation interaction helps to adjust and perfectly tune the atmosphere, from the brightness and color of the living room to the volume of the Sonos speaker. Finally, the advanced Push-Rotate interaction brings really exciting things to the table. While rotate can dim the lights in a specific room, Push-Rotate can dim the entire house. Push-Rotate allows for many possibilities with features that can blend between scenes or setting up to 12 custom triggers for advanced users.

Flic has joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the alliance behind the new smart home standard Matter, which will launch in 2022. Flic products already support major device manufacturers such as LIFX, Philips Hue, and Sonos. In addition, matter support will be coming to the Flic Hub, allowing all existing Flic Buttons and the new Flic Twist to control any Matter compatible device.

Designing Flic Twist to make it family-friendly was essential and was done together with an award-winning design studio, Eskild Hansen, to blend into modern home interiors. 

Flic Twist is wireless, has replaceable batteries, and can be placed anywhere. It can be placed on a table or mounted with a magnetic wall mount plate.

Flic Twist will launch on Kickstarter on November 2, 2021.

Reach out for more information or read more on the Preview Page listed below.

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Flic is a Swedish tech company behind the world’s smartest button with products including Flic, Powered by Flic, and Flic Hub. With simplicity at its heart, Flic is creating a single, trusted communication point between people and the services they love.

The mission of Flic is to battle against this complexity by bringing simplicity to the smart home space. More than 600.000 Flic buttons are already making the life of people easier across the world every day.


Joacim Westlund Prändel

Joacim Westlund Prändel

Press contact Founder & Chairman

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Flic Smart Buttons

Flic is a Swedish tech company behind the world’s smartest button with products including Flic, Powered by Flic and Flic Hub. With simplicity at its heart, Flic, is creating a single, trusted communication point between people and the services they love.

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