Shortcut Labs, creator of Flic Smart Button releases the new Software Development Kits for Flic 2

Pressmeddelanden   •   Jan 06, 2020 18:00 CET

Las Vegas, January 2020 - Shortcut Labs releases the new Software Development kits for Flic 2, making it possible to implement native support into any iOS and Android App on the market.

Kickstarter Success “Flic 2” shipped to backers with great reviews, gets released to retail

Pressmeddelanden   •   Jan 03, 2020 08:15 CET

Stockholm, Sweden - Shortcut Labs, creators of Flic Smart Buttons, released the second generation of their popular smart button suit on Kickstarter last summer, and the campaign was a great success. Flic 2 is now shipped out and has received overwhelming praise from backers. Today, Shortcut Labs release two packages for retail.

Inventors of the original smart button release next-generation push button to 6k+ Kickstarter backers

Pressmeddelanden   •   Dec 04, 2019 09:19 CET

Flic was the world's first Smart Button when released in 2014. Loved for its simplicity, over half a million Flic buttons have shipped. The second generation starts sending today, to over 6000 Kickstarter backers.

Shortcut Labs är Sveriges mest crowdfundade bolag. Nu kommer nästa version av Flic – deras ”Smarta Knapp” ut på marknaden.

Pressmeddelanden   •   Nov 26, 2019 13:44 CET

Flic var världens första smarta knapp när den släpptes 2014. Det lilla Stockholmsbaserade bolaget Shortcut Labs har sedan dess tagit in över 25M kr i gräsrotsfinansiering på Kickstarter och Indiegogo, och skeppat mer än en halv miljon Flic-knappar. Nu kommer version två av den populära knappen ut till alla de som förbeställt.

Shortcut Labs closes third successful +$600k crowdfunding campaign

Pressmeddelanden   •   Jun 24, 2019 09:15 CEST

Swedish hardware start-up Shortcut Labs successfully closes their third crowdfunding campaign with more than $600 USD funded by pre-orders of the next generation Smart Button, Flic 2 and the Flic Hub Long range.

Shortcut labs reaches $50k crowdfunding goal within 30 minutes

Pressmeddelanden   •   Maj 21, 2019 18:52 CEST

This is the third time Shortcut Labs crowdfunds a product launch and just as many times they’ve delivered. This time the company reached its goal of $50 000 USD within 30 minutes from the start.

Shortcut Lab Launching Flic 2 and Flic Hub Long Range

Pressmeddelanden   •   Maj 21, 2019 09:00 CEST

Smart Button inventors Shortcut Labs survives as an independent hardware startup. A flexible and simple product offering that enabled B2B sales saved Flic and with 6 years of wisdom is now launching Flic 2, a come-back to consumer product that commands smart button leadership.

The rise of the Buttons

Blogginlägg   •   Mar 01, 2019 14:33 CET

Five things we learned at CES 2019

Blogginlägg   •   Jan 29, 2019 10:36 CET

Flic and GitHub partner up to make life easier for programmers

Pressmeddelanden   •   Okt 18, 2018 05:45 CEST

Yesterday at GitHub Universe, Flic was featured on stage as part of a demonstration meant to showcase the flexibility of GitHub Actions which was announced on Day 1 of the GitHub Universe conference. Flic is a great example of an IOT solution that helps us extend our platform beyond just software.” Says Sam Lambert, Head of Platform at GitHub.

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