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Melker Andersson, Robert af Jochnick, Birgitta Brodin och Niclas Carlsson i entreprenörs-opera

Founders Alliance välkomnar hela Sverige till Entreprenörsgalan 2010 genom en musikvideo av sällan skådat slag. I denna lika slitsamma som glädjefyllda entreprenörs-Opera medverkar Oriflames grundare Robert af Jochnick, stjärnkrögaren Melker Andersson, Receptas grundare Birgitta Brodin och Niclas Carlsson, grundare av Founders Alliance.
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Niclas Carlsson

Niclas Carlsson

Press contact CEO Founder, Founders Alliance +46708107805

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Om Founders Alliance

Founders Alliance was established in 2002 by Niclas Carlsson. Today Founders Alliance is a premium collaborative business forum for founders of large-scale corporations, owners of international growth companies and engaged in multiple social impact initiatives around the globe.

Successful founders meet to help each other become even more successful in Founders Groups through deep and long-term relationships that inspire, develop and enable more and better business.

Its membership comprises over 400 high performing founders in Sweden and owners in a network of 2000 companies stretching across all industries and areas of expertise. In 2015 Founders Alliance started the international expansion, now with 250 active large-scale founders headed by 50 international founders with headquarters in 11 countries including: USA (CA), India, China (Hong Kong), United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain.

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