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​Enticing and multifaceted Sandra Mujinga

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​Enticing and multifaceted Sandra Mujinga

Three-meter-tall guardians in hoodies and a hologram levitating in a darkened room. Camouflage, bodily presence and surveillance are major themes for the Congolese-Norwegian artist Sandra Mujinga, who now presents her first solo exhibition at a museum in Sweden. The presentation at the Gothenburg Museum of Art opens on July 10.

 We are very glad for this opportunity to produce Sandra Mujinga’s first solo exhibition at a Swedish museum. An impressive work of hers is already a part of the collection of the Gothenburg Museum of Art, and the public now has the opportunity to experience a suggestive and multifaceted artistic production that is about visibility, power, the environment and survival, says Patrik Steorn, director of the museum.

Sandra Mujinga works in many different contexts and roles, some of them on-line, with photography and the moving image, music, installation and sculpture.

 Creating this exhibition, featuring two of her most important and moving large-scale works, in close collaboration with her has been an exciting process,says Johan Sjöström, the curator responsible for the exhibition.

The sculpture group Libwá, Mókó and Nkámá (2019) is one of the museums most recent aquisitions and is now on show for the first time in Gothenburg after international exhibits. The work comprises three tall-statured figures, clad in robes made of dark blue denim. They come across as faceless guardians with unclear intentions, perhaps oracles, militiamen or hackers. Here and there, the costumes burst into red, wound-like openings that can be associated with concepts such as protection, violence and security. The almost three-meter-tall figures, whose body parts resemble tentacles or fins, also pose questions about the measure of all things, and the boundaries between technological, animal and human presence.

Filmic hologram

The work Flo (2019) is made up of a filmic hologram in a secluded, darkened room. The point of departure is Sandra Mujinga’s interest in the black female body and how it can be modified, made visible or camouflaged.

 I think the longer you are in a dark room your eyes start to adjust and see things, and from there you can maneuver through it. So for me the future is about this utopian possibility of being in charge of your visibility, says Sandra Mujinga.

Sandra Mujinga

Sandra Mujinga (b. 1989 in Goma) is a Congolese-Norwegian artist who lives and works in Oslo and Berlin. She studied at Malmö Art Academy 2010–2015, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2014. Recently she has presented solo exhibitions at the Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art in the Netherlands, Bergen Kunsthall, and Croy Nielsen in Vienna. During 2021, she will present solo exhibitions at The Approach in London and the Swiss Institute in New York.

Press visits and interviews

The artist is available for a limited number of digital or telephone interviews. The press is also welcome to book a scheduled visit to the exhibition. For an interview or a guided tour, please contact the museum press officer by mail pnina.molin@kultur.goteborg.se.

Limited accessibility to the museum

The Gothenburg Museum of Art is open to the public, in accordance to the recommendations from the authorities. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the number of simultaneous visitors will be limited to avoid crowding.

Information regarding accessibility, opening hours and exhibitions is continuously being updated on the museum’s webpage

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Pnina Yavari Molin

Pnina Yavari Molin

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