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Valkyria’s track is now fully assembled

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Valkyria’s track is now fully assembled

This week, the last section of Valkyria’s track was assembled and the track was thus complete. Four happy roller coaster enthusiasts were invited to sign the track section, together with staff working on the Valkyria project. After that the track section was put into place with three flags attached to it; one Polish, one German and one large Swedish flag, representing the different countries and the teams working on Valkyria.

On Tuesday 30th May, the staff and some happy roller coaster enthusiasts gathered to watch Valkyria’s track. The last section was put in place in the Immelmann: the ride element straight after the 50-meter-high drop into the tunnel.

Now, electrical installations, commissioning, safety checks and test runs await before the first passengers can enjoy a ride in Liseberg's new dive coaster. Later this summer it will be possible to, in one of Valkyria’s trains, free-fall at a speed of 105 kilometers per hour straight towards the tunnel and down under ground.

I you want to learn more about Valkyria’s track, there is a video about its various parts and elements here.

Ride manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Assemblers: RCS Worldwide GmbH and Liseberg’s Mechanical Department.





Mårten Westlund

Mårten Westlund

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