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Liseberg presents next generation virtual queuing system

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Liseberg presents next generation virtual queuing system

This spring Liseberg opens the new Dark Ride Underland, situated in the children’s area Kaninlandet (the Rabbit Land). For the new ride, visitors will not have to stand in a physical queue and wait. Instead, Liseberg launches a newly developed virtual queuing system.

In connection with Liseberg’s summer premiere in April, the park premieres the new children’s ride Underland – a dark ride that will take guests underground to experience the Liseberg rabbits’ secret and wondrous world. Underland is the first dark ride that Liseberg has built in 50 years and represents the largest ever ride investment in this segment, SEK 150 million in total.

New and exciting rides usually equals long queues which is a big challenge for all amusement parks. Liseberg now presents a new custom-made virtual queuing system for the new ride, that will be accessible in the Liseberg app.

“Long queues is a challenge parks share”, says Andreas Andersen, CEO and President Liseberg. “We have an extensive Express Pass program at Liseberg, but this is the first actual virtual queuing system, that we will present in the park.

The benefits are many, for both Liseberg and the guests. Instead of being stuck in a physical queue, the visitors register in the app and get the first available time slot for the ride. Children can play at the adjacent playground or experience something else in the park while they wait.

The solution, that is developed by Liseberg and the digital agency Creuna, is custom-made for Liseberg and is the next generation of virtual queuing systems.

“We believe that by integrating digital solutions in the park experience, we can create more value for our guests”, says Andreas Andersen. “It’s a complex system that we are testing this summer, and if everything goes as planned, we see an opportunity to apply the solution to other popular rides in the park.”

The virtual queuing system will be available in the Liseberg app and on Liseberg’s website from the end of April when Liseberg opens for the summer.




Liseberg är en av de ledande nöjesparkerna i Europa och erbjuder underhållning, attraktioner, restauranger och boende av högsta klass. Varje år tar parken emot cirka 3 miljoner gäster, vilket gör Liseberg till Sveriges mest besökta resmål.


Andreas Andersen

Andreas Andersen

Verkställande direktör Liseberg AB +46 31-766 7100

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