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Master Cheesemaker Thomas Rudin, Photo: Erik Hillbom
Master Cheesemaker Thomas Rudin, Photo: Erik Hillbom

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Västerbottensost® - Sweden’s most positively talked about brand within daily goods

Västerbottensost® is one of Sweden's most well known and best-selling hard cheeses with a unique flavour that can only be made in the small village of Burträsk in northern Sweden.

When the Swedish people were asked to list those brands within daily goods that they had heard the most positive things about during 2019, Västerbottensost® was fortunate enough to end up in first place. The survey was carried out by the global brand and market research company YouGov.

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-Receiving this accolade was a moment of huge pride and joy for us at Västerbottensost® and our local farmers. We are truly thankful, says Thomas Rudin Master Cheesemaker for Västerbottensost®

Västerbottensost®, a regular sight at the top of the YouGov charts

YouGov BrandIndex is a leader in conducting brand preference research, both in Sweden and internationally. Interviews with Swedish people are carried out every day to gauge their opinions of different brands.

Västerbottensost® has been consistently placed among the top 10 in various BrandIndex lists over the last few years. Example lists include, Sweden’s most recommended brand, Sweden’s most positively talked about brand and Sweden’s strongest brand. Västerbottensost® also made it into YouGov’s list of brands where Swedish people would be most proud to work, and also the brand that is most loved by Swedish women.

A unique story since 1872

Västerbottensost® has a long history that has been surrounded in mystery since 1872, when the dairymaid Ulrika Eleonora Lindström created the recipe. Västerbottensost® is made using milk from the local farms in and around Burträsk and is characterised by its saltiness, fruitiness, bitterness and umami.

Since 1872, the recipe has been passed down through generations of Master Cheesemakers who has kept the craftsmanship alive. Likewise, have generations of cheese lovers both in Sweden and worldwide kept the tradition of loving this special cheese alive. It is appreciated equally by young and old, whether it be at parties, holidays or those special everyday moments. It has become a classic Swedish delicacy loved both in and outside of Sweden and has been a royal purveyor since 1990.

To this day, Västerbottensost® is made according to the same secret recipe, in the little dairy in Burträsk and with its unique flavour, it is a small but special part of Swedish food history.

internationally recognized

The cheese also have made echo worldwide with both BBC Travel and CNN. 

CNN:s Great Big Story have made a documentary about the unique taste and history of Västerbottensost®cheese.

See the film "The Mystery Behind This Swedish Cheese":


Outside of Sweden, Västerbottensost® is available in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, the U.K., Iceland, Germany, Spain and Hong Kong. 

For more information about distribution, please contact export@norrmejerier.se

Please visit vasterbottensost.com for more information and hundreds of inspiring recipes.

Västerbottensost® is a Norrmejerier registered trademark

Norrmejerier Ek. Förening is Sweden’s most northerly dairy cooperative and is owned by 446 local dairy farmers – 372 of whom are active milk suppliers located in the provinces of Norrbotten, Västerbotten and parts of Västernorrland and Jämtland. We process just over 200 million kilos of milk every year at our dairies in Umeå, Luleå and Burträsk, producing a range of dairy products such as milk, fermented milk, cream, and cheese. Our product range includes the Norrmejerier®, Västerbottensost®, Verum®, Gainomax®, Fjällfil®, Fjällyoghurt® and Norrgott® brands. Norrmejerier has just over 500 full-time employees and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 2 billion.

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Om Norrmejerier

Norrmejerier Ek. Förening är norrlänningarnas mejeri och ägs av 446 lokala bönder varav 372 aktiva mjölkleverantörer i Norrbottens, Västerbottens och delar av Västernorrlands och Jämtlands län. Vi förädlar årligen drygt 200 miljoner kg mjölk vid våra mejerier i Umeå, Luleå och Burträsk till olika mejeriprodukter som mjölk, fil, grädde och ost. I vårt produktsortiment ingår varumärkena Norrmejerier®, Västerbottensost®, Verum®, Gainomax®, Fjällfil®, Fjällyoghurt® och Norrgott®. Norrmejerier sysselsätter cirka 550 årsanställda och omsätter ca två miljarder kronor per år.


Kristina Stiernspetz

Kristina Stiernspetz

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Norrmejerier Ek. Förening

Norrmejerier är ett av Norrlands största livsmedelsföretag. Men framför allt så är vi norrlänningar, grannar, släktingar och vänner som bryr oss om Norrland och alla som bor här. Vi visar omsorg om människor och djur, genom att hålla landskapen öppna, lantbruken hållbara, produkterna lokala och transporterna korta. På så vis vårdar vi inte bara vårt Norrland utan även vår planet. För i en tid när lokalproducerad mat inte är en lokal utan en global angelägenhet så är vårt sätt att arbeta en unik tillgång. Den ska vi tillsammans ta tillvara och bygga framtiden på. För norrlänningarna är de här värdena de viktigaste skälen att välja Norrmejerier. Att det vi gör tillsammans inte bara är gott och nyttigt, utan även omsorg, stolthet och tro på ett levande Norrland.