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Bluewater is a leading global innovator of drinking water solutions.
Bluewater is a leading global innovator of drinking water solutions.

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Sparking a global movement for good with Bluewater

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about the importance of companies having a higher purpose that contributes to a better world. For environmental entrepreneur Bengt Rittri, this is a no-brainer. Driven, imaginative and enthusiastic, he is rapidly building Bluewater into a leading global innovator in drinking water solutions. Open is privileged to be teaming up with Bengt and his colleagues on this meaningful project.

“I find it hugely inspiring to work with Bengt and the team over at A plus M on this ambitious undertaking,” says Open Founder & Copywriter David Gray. “Many people want to save the world, but Bluewater is providing smart, practical alternatives that enable positive change, helping us to break the vicious cycle of dependence on single-use plastic bottles.”

Market-leading water purifiers
Bluewater’s innovative water purifiers create virtually the purest water it’s possible to get – even from undrinkable water sources. Patented Swedish technology removes 99.7% of all contaminants – including microplastics, chemicals and other undesirable particles. Bluewater also offers a range of sleekly designed planet-friendly containers that can be used over and over.

Passionate change-makers
“We are change-makers who believe that pure water is a human right,” says Bengt Rittri. “We are committed to doing good in three ways: creating products that are healthy for you, for humanity and the planet. That pretty much sums up what we’re all about.”

Open is teaming up with Bluewater on a whole range of activities, from brand guidelines and sales presentations for different market segments to messaging for packaging and more. 




David Gray

David Gray

Press contact Founder and Creative Director +46 8 313 620
Gunilla Lundström

Gunilla Lundström

Press contact Business Director / Head of Open CEO, Account Director and Managing Partner + 46 70 29 27 114

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