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Vision image: GAJD Arkitekter
Vision image: GAJD Arkitekter

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The Maritime Museum and Aquarium opens in December

The opening date has been set. After a major renovation and extension, the new Maritime Museum and Aquarium will open to the public on Saturday, 10 December. A wide range of festivities are planned for the opening weekend.

“We will welcome visitors to a grand opening weekend on 10–11 December,” says Museum Director Carina Sjöholm.

But there is still a lot of hard work to be done to get all the pieces in place before then.

“The museum has just taken over the building after the major renovation and extension carried out by Higab and the staff can now start to move into the empty premises. The hard work of building the new exhibitions, the aquarium and the public areas for the opening in December will now begin,” says Carina Sjöholm.

FACTS: The new Maritime Museum and Aquarium
The Maritime Museum and Aquarium closed for renovation and extension in September 2018. Work began in January 2020 after the museum was emptied and now, just over two years later, the construction project has been completed and the park has been restored. When the museum reopens on 10 December 2022, visitors will encounter a brand new Maritime Museum and Aquarium underground.

These are the main changes:

  • A new larger entrance on Karl Johansgatan.
  • A museum park with larger green spaces and a new café with an outdoor south-facing terrace.
  • A completely new aquarium building underground with ten times the volume of water – 1,100 cubic metres. The aquarium contains around 15 separate aquariums, the largest of which holds 400,000 litres of water and contains a living coral reef.
  • Ocean Lab – a unique experiment and water lab for children and teaching.
  • A new exhibition in the underground aquarium centred on the world’s oceans.
  • The new Hav av historier [Sea of Stories] permanent exhibition, which occupies over 400 square metres and which is overflowing with dramatic history at sea and more than 300 objects from the museum’s collections.
  • The new Stora Blå [Big Blue] permanent exhibition in which children and their adults can experience and explore the sea through learning play.
  • A new children’s exhibition, in which the youngest visitors can discover the sea using all their senses, has been designed by students at Child Culture Design at HDK.
  • New temporary photo exhibitions Arven efter varven [The Legacy of the Shipyard] about life in Gothenburg’s shipbuilding industry.
  • Improved access with new stairs and elevators.

Read more about our upcoming exhibitions here!




Carina Sjöholm

Carina Sjöholm

Presskontakt Museichef 031-3683641
Isa Andersson

Isa Andersson

Presskontakt Kommunikatör & presskontakt 031-368 3160

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Sjöfartsmuseet Akvariet
Karl Johansgatan 1-3
414 59 Göteborg