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 SPP Sverige PLUS receives highest rating from Morningstar

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SPP Sverige PLUS receives highest rating from Morningstar

SPP Sverige PLUS receives five stars from Morningstar, a confirmation that the fund has shown higher performance over time compared to competitors.

–The funds three-year history and the fact that we now can show competitive results over time makes it easier to invest in our fossil-free funds. Investing fossil-free is an important symbol and marker for the societal change we want to see, says Åsa Wallenberg, CEO of SPP Funds.

SPP Sverige PLUS is a fossil-free Sweden fund focused on sustainability. The fund combines ambitious sustainability criteria with the benefits of a traditional index fund in the form of low fees and good risk distribution. The fund does not invest in companies that extract or distribute fossil fuels or companies with large fossil reserves.

The fund prioritizes companies with a high sustainability rating and optimizes the fund's carbon footprint by selecting companies with a low carbon footprint. SPP Sverige PLUS also invests a dedicated part of its capital in so-called solution companies, defined as companies that contribute with solutions to future climate challenges.

Wind power, hydropower and green transportation

– It is important that we not rely solely on renewable energy. Rather, we must find a broad, diversified solution portfolio that can have an impact in multiple ways. Part of our indexical thinking is to diversify ourselves in terms of risk, to not be overly exposed in one area, for example wind power, and that this approach will be the solution to the energy needs of the future, says the fund's manager Andreas Poole and adds;

– Taking climate and sustainability into account is not an obstacle to generating investment returns. On the contrary, it has been very beneficial and has contributed to the fund being awarded a five star rating.

The fund is suitable for those looking for a fossil-free index fund, with companies highly ranked in sustainability, also offering the advantages of a traditional index fund when it comes to low fees and good risk distribution.

Morningstar rating: (5/5) Morningstar stars (4/5) Sustainability globes

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Future returns depend on the market, fund manager skill, fund risk level and costs, among other things. The performance may be negative due to losses and it may vary considerably within periods. Unit holders’ realized gains or losses will therefore depend on the actual timing of subscriptions or redemptions.

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