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Bengt Wiberg, inventor and founder of Sting Free AB and his son Daniel Wiberg who is CEO
Bengt Wiberg, inventor and founder of Sting Free AB and his son Daniel Wiberg who is CEO

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Stingfree - The world's first nicotine pouches with an integrated patented protection for the gums have been launched in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden 14 April 2023

Stingfree modern oral nicotine pouches with an integrated patented protection for the gums have now been launched in Sweden. The Stingfree technology reduces the burning sensation and irritation on the gums, which is typical of regular snus and oral nicotine products. Several e-commerce distributors and stores are now selling the first product in an upcoming series of tobacco free nicotine pouches with different flavors and strengths.

Reduces burning and irritation. Several studies have shown that many snus users suffer damage to and changes to the gums, especially where the pouches are in direct contact with the gums. The US/EU patented Stingfree technology aims to counteract this and the associated burning/irritating sensation by having an impermeable barrier on the gum side of the pouch. A high percentage of snus users dislike when nicotine pouches and snus stings/burns and irritates the gums. This has been established by Sting Free AB in a comprehensive survey in 2022, with responses from over 1,000 Swedish snus users (of which almost 40% were women). Of the respondents, 67% of the women considered that the burning/stinging sensation, regardless of when it stings, is unpleasant, as did 53% of the men. Almost 50% of the respondents had had oral health problems pointed out by their dentists, linked to their use of snus/nicotine pouches

A recent survey of US females titled What will it take for women who smoke to consider smokeless?” published in Tobacco Reporter in April 2023 investigated why the use of smokeless tobacco products like e.g. nicotine pouches and snus is so very much lower among women compared to men. A main factor concluded from the responses was the burning sensation and oral irritation caused by these products with comments such as “irritation”, “burn”, “hurts my gums” etc. Other factors were “negative stereotypes about smokeless users”, “deadly misconceptions” that smokeless products are more dangerous than e-cigarettes and smoking and the unfamiliar mode of delivery.

Sting Free AB's vision is that the Stingfree-technology will become a new industry standard for nicotine pouches and traditional smokeless tobacco products like snus, similar to light products for soft drinks or Goretex for clothing, and that customers in the future will be asked the question "regular or sting-free?" when they buy such products. The company also hopes that the technology will contribute to more smokers opting out of smoking in favor of significantly less dangerous nicotine pouches.

The Sting Free AB shareholders include the successful real estate entrepreneur and multi billionaire Erik Selin and the inventor of the first portioned snus 50 years ago, Professor Curt Enzell, former head of research at Swedish Match. The majority of the shares are held by the Wiberg family.

More information about Stingfree technology and Stingfree snus here.

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Sting Free AB has developed a new improved pouch for nicotine pouches and snus, where one side has an integrated shield for the gums. The protection effectively reduces the burning sensation and irritation normally caused by these products. The Stingfree technology is patent approved in the US and Europe. Property billionaire Erik Selin is the second largest shareholder after the Wiberg family.


Daniel Wiberg

Daniel Wiberg

Presskontakt CEO and part owner +46 729 732 394
Bengt Wiberg

Bengt Wiberg

Presskontakt President and founder +46-760151082

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Sting Free AB har utvecklat en helt ny och förbättrad portionspåse för snus och nikotinportioner med ett patenterat skydd för tandköttet

Stingfree AB är ett svenskt startup-företag som grundades av Bengt Wiberg, en pensionerad ekonomichef och livslång snusanvändare. Bengt är också uppfinnaren av tekniken efter att hans tandläkare beordrat honom att sluta snusa på grund av skador på tandköttet och munslemhinnan. Tekniken täcker en ny och förbättrad portionspåse där den ena sidan av portionspåsen har ett integrerat skydd mot sveda och irritation på tandköttet. Stingfree tekniken är patentgodkänd i hela Europa och USA. Företagets vision är en rökfri värld. Bengt är också grundaren av det internationella nätverket EUforsnus med medlemmar från 100 länder vars gemensamma nämnare är att ha kunnat sluta röka med hjälp av snus och/eller vitt snus och att snus och nikotinpåsar borde tillåtas i alla länder där mindre skadliga alternativ till rökning inte tillåts.