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Here are the winners at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2023!

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Here are the winners at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2023!

This year's winner of Stockholm International Film Festival 2023 Best Film is the Chilean director Felipe Gálvez's brutal western "The Settlers”. Which explores the colonization of Chile and the ethnic cleansing of the Mapuche people.

The British rising star Molly Manning Walker won the awards for Best Debut and Best Director with her nuanced exploration of the gray areas surrounding sexual consent in "How to Have Sex."

The Best Cinematography award goes to Nikolai Zheludovich for the visual language in the Russian film "Grace," while Moroccan director Kamal Lazraq receives the prize for Best Screenplay for his intense action-thriller "Hounds." Best Actor and Actress go to Kuan Alvarenga and Maeve Jinkins for their brilliant performances in the Brazilian drama "Toll." Additionally, Tina Satter's work on the hybrid drama "Reality" is acknowledged with an honorable mention.

The jury's motivation for best film follows:

"This film is a cinematic tour de force, a powerful account of colonialism and the corrupting mechanisms of power that is as uncomfortable and fascinating as it is intellectually stimulating. With its thoughtful use of image and sound, the film creates an atmosphere that is both alien and familiar, drawing the audience into the characters' troubled world. A film that challengingly and inspiringly provides a way into a crucial chapter in Chile's history, capturing the rawness and moral decay. The award for Best Film goes deservedly to "The Settlers".

Best Documentary is awarded to Chilean director Maite Alberdi for "The Eternal Memory." The International Film Critics Jury (FIPRESCI) selects Hirokazu Kore-eda's "Monster" as the Best Film. Actress Hanna Ardéhn, recently seen in the TV series "Leva Life," is crowned the SkyShowtime Rising Star of 2023.

Winners at the Stockholm Film Festival 2023:


Best Film: "The Settlers" by Felipe Gálvez Haberle

Best Director: "How to Have Sex" by Molly Manning Walker

Best Debut: "How to Have Sex" by Molly Manning Walker

Best Screenplay: "Hounds" by Kamal Lazraq

Best Female Actor: Maeve Jinkins for her role in "Toll"

Best Male Actor: Kuan Alvarenga for his role in "Toll"

Best Cinematography: Nikolai Zheludovich for "Grace"

Honorable Mention: Tina Satter for "Reality"


Best Documentary: "The Eternal Memory" by Maite Alberdi


Best Short Film: "Cuarto de Hora" by Nemo Arancibia

The International Film Critics Prize (FIPRESCI)

Best Film: "Monster" by Hirokazu Kore-eda

SkyShowtime Rising Star Award 2023

Actress Hanna Ardéhn


1KM FILM Scholarship: Ville Gobi with the film "Midsommar (inte av Ari Aster)"

1KM FILM Honorable Mention: Laerke Herthoni with the film "19"


"Final Countdown" by Noah Ragert

André Vaara - "Beautiful Misfits"
Angelica Ruffier - "Jag har ett ansikte för att bli älskad"
Lisa Forslund - "Clementine Orange"

For motivation and images, please see the attached files in the press release on mynewsdesk. Earlier in the festival, several awards were already presented. Director Catherine Breillat received the Stockholm Visionary Award, director Ethan Hawke was awarded the Stockholm Achievement Award, and the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award went to director Ken Loach.



Stockholm Internationell Film Festival | 8-19 November 2023

Stockholm International Film Festival takes place from November 9 to 18th and will present 130 films from 50 different countries. Accredited press has the opportunity to interview the festival's guests and watch selected screenings at cinema Skandia in Stockholm.



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