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Image source: / Yuyan - "WHO" Official Music Video
Image source: / Yuyan - "WHO" Official Music Video

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Chinese singer Yu Yan called out for copying Taeyeon’s music visuals

Chinese singer Yu Yan is being accused of copying visuals from K-pop singer Taeyeon’s “INVU” music video (MV) for her new song “Who” which was released on May 26. INVU is a song from an album of the same name that Time magazine called one of "The Best K-pop Albums of 2022 so far".

Netizens were quick to notice various similarities between the song's futuristic-themed visual and Taeyeon's music video, which debuted in February. They released several frame-by-frame comparisons of the two videos, which appear to be identical.

In one scene, Yu Yan and her backup dancers are shown dancing in a venue with marble pillars, walls, and furnishings. The "INVU" video features a similar setting, and both singers wear white clothing in the scene.

Others noticed that there were numerous elements in both MVs that were quite identical. This includes, among other things, the moon, the lake, and the desert. Yu Yan is seen sporting brown clothing during the desert scene. The image also includes burning structures and meteor showers. A similar scene can be seen in the song video for the K-pop solo artist.

There's also a scene in which the former member of THE9 is shown with backup dancers, their feet submerged in water. Taeyeon can also be seen performing something similar in the "INVU" music video.

Apart from the settings, netizens also indicated that the styling in both of their videos appears to be identical. Both Yu Yan and Taeyeon can be seen wearing rhinestone eye makeup in one of the screenshots released online by a user.

You may see a comparison of the two videos below:

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