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Jeff Dieschburg’s painting, left. Jingna Zhang’s photo, right
Jeff Dieschburg’s painting, left. Jingna Zhang’s photo, right

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Photographer Jingna Zhang finally won her two-year copyright battle

In the most recent development, Singaporean photographer Jingna Zhang won a two-year copyright battle against fine art painter Jeff Dieschburg in the Luxembourg court.

In June 2022, Zhang filed a copyright lawsuit against Dieschburg accusing him of copying her photograph and displaying the painting at an international exhibition as well as winning a cash prize.

However, in December 2022, the court ruled in favor of Dieschburg, asserting that “there was insufficient originality in the photo.” Zhang, on the other hand, called the verdict "absurd" and filed an appeal.

Zhang's original shot was taken for a Harper's Bazaar Vietnam cover shoot in 2017. Despite slight variations, the photo and painting share remarkable parallels.

Zhang shared her victory on social media stating that the court ruled in her favour as Dieschburg infringed upon her copyright for using her photograph without consent.

“This win means a lot—not just for me but also for artists & photographers everywhere,” Zhang wrote.

“It’s a reminder that copyright protects individuals from those that try to profit off our work without consent. It reaffirms that our work being online doesn’t mean we give up our rights.”

She believes her case will serve as a beacon for other artists worldwide, claiming their rights in the digital era and demonstrating that their creations available on the internet are not free to use.

Zhang also appreciated Luxembourg’s legal system for "upholding copyright protection for an individual, especially in the age of AI, when our rights appear to be rapidly eroding."

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