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Tengai Unbiased in the Battle of the Interview AI-Bots Panel at Unleash Paris
Tengai Unbiased in the Battle of the Interview AI-Bots Panel at Unleash Paris

Tengai's CEO Partcipiates in Panel About Interview Bots at Unleash Paris

Event date 23 October 2019 16:30 – 17:15

Location Unleashed iRecruit stage, Room E06, Paris Convention Centre in Porte De Versailles

It's time for the leading AI interview bots to battle it out in a panel debate and show off their best moves at Unleash World in Paris on October 23. 

Tengai*s CEO Elin Öberg Mårtenzon will participate in the “Battle of the Interview Bots Panel” together with the CEO's of Paradox, MYA, AllyO, and TalkPush. The debate is lead by Gerry Crispin Principal & Co-Founder at CareerXroads.



Press contacts

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Press contact CEO, Tengai AB +46 709 379 645

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Next Level of Conversational AI for Recruitment

Tengai is an unbiased interview software using conversational Ai to perform a two-way interview dialogue interview with candidates. The software creates unbiased, structured, competency-based interviews with anonymous candidates, focusing on soft-skills and personality traits. The Tengai interview product suite consists of Tengai Recruit™, Tengai Robot™ and Tengai Digital Video Interview™

The Interview software has been developed by TNG, a Swedish recruitment and staffing agency specializing in unbiased recruitment, and Furhat Robotics, pioneers within social robotics. The product merry together TNG's unbiased and reversed recruitment methodology, that the company has developed over the past 15 years, with Furhat's state of the art software platform and OS. Today, Tengai AB and Furhat Robotics continue the partnership to develop the next generation of unbiased interview tools.

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