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Unveiling the Future of Media and Entertainment: A Tale of Three Trade Shows

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Unveiling the Future of Media and Entertainment: A Tale of Three Trade Shows

In a whirlwind tour of media and entertainment trade shows, NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in New York, SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television) Media Technology Summit in Los Angeles, and LEaT (Live Events and Theater) in Hamburg, it became evident that the media and entertainment industry is experiencing a significant transformation. These offered insight into the changing landscape of this sector, emphasizing three central themes that resonated across the events.

1. High-Resolution Content: 4K and HDR10 Take Center Stage

In the fast-paced world of media and entertainment, staying ahead of the technological curve is imperative. The demand for high-resolution content has never been higher, and this was evident in some of the conversations had at SMPTE is Los Angeles. The focus on 4K and HDR10 is redefining the way content is created and viewed, offering unparalleled clarity and depth to consumers.

Content creators and broadcasters are racing to meet the insatiable appetite for high-resolution content. 4K, with its four times the pixel density of standard HD, promises crisper images and more vibrant colors. Meanwhile, HDR10, which delivers enhanced contrast and a wider color gamut, takes the visual experience to new heights.

At SMPTE, discussions revolved around the need for investment in equipment and infrastructure that supports these resolutions. One standout solution was the ADDERLink® INFINITY 4000 (ALIF4000) series which has been meticulously designed to support those creating and consuming 4K and HDR10 content. A world’s first when launched, the ALIF4000 delivers two 5K video resolutions and ultra-wide video resolutions (5120x1440@60Hz or 5120x2880@30Hz) or higher refresh rates of up to 240Hz (HD@240Hz) over a single IP connection. The solution not only ensures seamless 5K content delivery but also facilitates the transition to HDR10, promising a future-proof solution for content creators and editors as they continue to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

2. The Move to Virtualization: Maximizing Resources and Flexibility

At NAB New York, the concept of virtualization took center stage. Conversations exposed the industry's shift towards virtualizing key processes, from live production to distribution.

Virtualization empowers media professionals to maximize their resources, reduce operating costs, and minimize or eliminate downtime. In the world of live broadcasting, virtualization is proving to be a winner by allowing broadcasters to reduce the number of physical devices they need and providing flexibility to run multiple broadcast functions on a single set of hardware. This speeds up reconfiguration and facilitates the support of different types of broadcasts without the need for substantial changes.

While the adoption of virtualization in the industry is rising, many live broadcasters also still rely upon the real-time access and control of physical hardware. This is where the ADDERLink INFINITY 3000 (ALIF3000) series really plays its part. Designed to deliver instant switching between unlimited virtual and physical environments, the ALIF3000 is perfectly positioned to support broadcasters as they transition to virtual infrastructure. Support for a range of VDI protocols, such as HTML5, SSH and VNC, ultra-high definition (UHD) resolutions and digital Display Port audio make the ALIF3000 a perfect solution to support broadcasters as they look to bridge the gap between their physical and virtual real estate.

3. Robust Support Programs: Minimizing Downtime and Maximizing Uptime

At LEaT in Germany, a different aspect of the entertainment industry came into focus: live theater and events. A critical theme that emerged at the show was the necessity for a robust support program to ensure minimal downtime during live productions.

In this world, where every second counts, any technical glitch or malfunction can have a profound impact. A well-structured support program ensures that any issues are addressed swiftly, minimizing the potential disruption to live events and theater productions.

LEaT emphasized that it's not only about having state-of-the-art equipment but also having a team of experts on standby, ready to troubleshoot and resolve any challenges that arise. This commitment to reliability and uninterrupted performances is a testament to the high standards the industry sets for itself.

For those seeking unparalleled support and reliability, Adder’s Professional Services offering is a shining example. Designed with mission-critical operations in mind, the best-in-class program is recognized by customers for its personal approach and rapid response times. Whether its on-site support designed to assist with commissioning, or an Elite Service program that delivers 24/7 global support – it has you covered!


These three trade shows shed light on the compelling trends that are shaping the media and entertainment industry. The demand for high-resolution content, the move towards virtualization, and the importance of robust support programs all converge to create a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape.

For content creators and distributors, embracing 4K and HDR10 technology is vital to stay competitive in a world where viewers expect nothing less than breathtaking visuals. Virtualization offers the flexibility and efficiency needed to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, while robust support programs in live theatre and events ensure that every performance goes off without a hitch.

The lessons learned from NAB New York, SMPTE, and LEaT demonstrate the industry's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, improving operations, and delivering the best possible content and experiences to audiences worldwide. The future of media and entertainment is undoubtedly brighter, sharper, and more dynamic than ever before.

Find out more about Adder’s commitment to the media and entertainment industry here.

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