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Build your business using CTB Global’s 4 Marketing Must’s!

Outsourced sales and marketing experts CTB Global are proud to be passionate about helping aspiring business owners. The firm have recently been encouraging ambitious entrepreneurs to adopt their business tips in order to assist with the building of a thriving, positive company culture.

CTB Global: About the firm.

Based in New York, CTB Global are the competitive and hard-working providers of uniquely creative sales solutions, offering clients original ideas and a guaranteed ROI. In addition to this, the firm are fiercely passionate about helping like-minded entrepreneurs achieve optimum success within their industry.

This week, the company released their top ‘marketing musts’ for entrepreneurs looking to rise above the rest of the competition. CTB Global believe the following four pointers to be timeless tips which should be applied and adapted to the everyday approach of any business in the sales and marketing industry.

1. Leaders are Readers

As Sir Francis Bacon once said, knowledge is power. Having seen the benefits of learning from the success of other industry professionals first-hand, CTB Global believe these words of wisdom should be directly applied to the approach of any entrepreneur hoping to make it in the sales and marketing industry. The firm recommend entrepreneurs get started by adding Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Jim Rohn’s The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield to their reading list.

2. Be a Tease

The secret behind effective marketing is to be a tease, says CTB Global. The NYC firm has likened marketing to dating and believe it is important to tease your audience rather than just revealing everything up front. The idea is to give your prospective customers or clients just enough of a taste to get them interested to see who raises their hands first.

3. Embrace Technology

The third pointer CTB Global insist entrepreneurs must refrain from doing is ignoring technology simply because it appears to be too difficult or complicated. The firm believe doing so is a huge mistake and encourage all contractors to embrace technology and make a concerted effort to take the time to educate themselves on the powerful tools that today’s multimedia world provide.

4. Learn to Meditate

This final tip may not immediately appeal to every individual but CTB Global insist it is an activity which can clear the mind, greatly improving concentration and creativity levels. It is incredibly easy to get distracted in today’s social environment and therefore the firm believe it is all the more important for ambitious entrepreneurs to take a few minutes each day to get “grounded” insisting it is a critical step towards business success.

CTB Global was established to address the current disconnect between buyer and seller that has emerged in the digital age. Their team of sales and marketing professionals provide a guaranteed ROI thanks to a natural ability to weave a compelling story during a sale.



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