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The Personality Flaws That Can Lead to Success Identified During CTB Global Workshop

Outsourced sales and marketing specialists, CTB Global, held a motivational workshop this week, exploring the personality flaws that can lead to success.

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CTB Global frequently host workshops to assist with the on-going business development of their staff and contractors. CEO, Eduardo Gamboa dedicates much of his time to mentoring and guiding young entrepreneurs on how to become successful in the sales and marketing industry. And as such, this week the CEO hosted a workshop on the topic of exploring the different personality flaws that can lead to success in the industry.

Many successful people in the past have demonstrated so-called ‘flaws’ that on the contrary have skyrocketed them to success.CTB Global believes that it is the differences that make people stand out and no one ever became successful from being ordinary.The company educated their workforce on the personality ‘flaws’ that can make someone highly successful and have highlighted their thoughts below.

Obsession - when left unchecked, obsession can be a dangerous trait, but it can also be a powerful and positive force. Success comes from believing in something wholeheartedly, and when a person is so obsessed with something, that obsession will be the driving force behind success.

Stubbornness - when inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison is famously quoted as saying “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Successful people don’t give up after failure or challenges and keep going because they know that in the end, they will get there.

Selfishness - time is a valuable asset and one that successful people don’t take for granted. Successful people will not give up their time or energy to people or things that are not deserving.

Positivity - successful people are solution-orientated and can process challenging situations in a way that turns them into a positive.

As advocates for entrepreneurship, CTB Global have vast experience dealing with aspiring entrepreneurs and have found these so-called ‘flaws’ to be beneficial. The company took advantage of the workshop session to highlight these personality traits and bring their benefits to the attention of the entrepreneurs they work alongside. As the firm is incredibly committed to the development of young entrepreneurs, they regard these workshops as an essential role in their continued success.



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