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Don’t Wait to Make a Change - CTB Global Discuss One of Their Key Secrets to Business Success

With the majority of 2018 ahead of them, sales and marketing experts CTB Global are keen to push the idea to their contractors that they should not wait to make a change. The firm provide face to face sales services to a number of clients, arguing that their direct sales techniques offer their clients a guaranteed ROI on their investment. Through the management’s years of experience in the sales industry, they understand that individuals often wait for pivotal moments in their life to make a change, a pitfall the firm believes can be detrimental to ones success in business. Rather than wait, they argue that those looking to excel in the business world need to constantly look to develop themselves and alter their ways when they find something is not working.

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The firm believe this method of seeing a problem and acting on it is best learned in the sales field. New recruits are given multiple hours of training on the ways to deliver a pitch both verbally and physically, but the firm is keen for each of their staff to realise that once in the field they will have to make small tweaks to this process in order to maximise their sales. Through the field, the firm is confident that new recruits will quickly grow as business professionals as they realise that constant change is necessary to adapt to a dynamic environment. The firm asks their workforce on a regular basis to look to the most successful CEO’s in order to realise how fundamental the ability to change is. For example, Jeff Bezos consistently reminds those that adapting to fit peoples needs is essential for success as a business leader and once someone can learn this they will understand the journey to success.

While the firm is confident in the necessity of change, they are strong believers that change should only happen when necessary. Waiting to make a change holds people back, but maintaining things that work is also equally as important. They implore their new contractors to continue to use the sales techniques they know work on specific demographics and alter those they find are not working. If something works it doesn’t need fixing, but CTB Global are keen to build a workforce who can quickly realise what does and does not need changing. While at first this may only be to do with their daily sales tactics, as time goes on and they gain more responsibility CTB Global are confident their workforce will realise how important this skill is. 


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